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  1. ggm118

    split vob file

    Thanks A lot, Tsantee. You've always been a great help.
  2. ggm118

    split vob file

    Hi, Is there anyway i can split or edit a vob file?
  3. ggm118

    Avi To VCD

    Hi, Tsantee.. I have solved my error problem. Somehow each slideshow should only be 9 pictures. Not 10 or more.. I don't know why but it works.
  4. ggm118

    Avi To VCD

    Hi, Tsantee.. Did all you advised but i get an error "code error = 1852402768". Tried again with Toast 6 and also got "result error =-50" Any idea about this?
  5. ggm118

    Avi To VCD

    Thanks for your replies but what i would really like to do is to view my pictures and videos simultaneously on tv. What I have done is make menus of my pictures but Toast 7 automatically separates the pictures and videos. What i'd like was for me to view pictures then videos next without going to the menu... I know Ulead(software for windows) can do this.. Do you have any other suggestions??? Thanks!!!
  6. ggm118

    Avi To VCD

    Hello! I'd like to watch avi movies in my television. How do i burn them to come out as vcd format? I appreciate your help...
  7. ggm118

    How To Convert Dvd To Avi

    I'd like to convert my dvd movies to avi so that i can save some space in my powerbook. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. ggm118

    Helpw/vob File

    What's VR Mode and what do you mean by extracting?
  9. ggm118

    Helpw/vob File

    Do you have a VIDEO_TS folder or just the VOB? Thanks for your reply Freshburn, yes i have a VIDEO_TS folder and i'm using Sony DVD Handycam...
  10. ggm118

    Helpw/vob File

    I have a 20 min vob file that i want to save as disc image & burn. My problem is, when I drag it on my toast 7 window the time show only 54 seconds. When i tried using my toast 6 it registered 9 hours. Hope somebody can help me.. Thanks in advance...
  11. ggm118

    850 Mb .avi Can't Fit In Cd

    Hi, I'd like to burn a vcd with a size of 850 MB. It can't fit to my cd. Can I burn this to a dvd disc as VCD or can i split the video into 2? If yes, how do i split them? Thanks for the help..