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  1. When I try to import a Quicktime file into Videowave I get the message: One or more of the files you chose was a Quicktime file and has not been added. I can play these files on my computer. I've been making DVD's using Videowave for years without this problem. I made one in August and had no problem. It's still on my computer and now will not play the movies. I'm told to install Quicktime 7.04. I have Quicktime 7.74 on my computer. What happened? Help!
  2. I have been making DVD's of my travels for quite some time and have had no problems. However, when I try to add a video which came from a Casio Exilon camera the video shows but there is no sound. It plays fine outside of videowave. The videos that I have added and that were taken on my Canon camera play just fine. Is there anything I can do about the other videos? Watching the Highland jig without the music is not very exciting, nor is watching a top notch fiddler play the fiddle with no music! Any suggestions?
  3. No luck. Again, the videos played on the computer, but not in Roxio. I finally gave up and eliminated those videos.
  4. Thinks, Digital Guru. I'll let you know how that works.
  5. I'm in the middle of a VideoWave project. I decided that the music already on my hard drive wasn't adequate, so I downloaded other music. Now when I tell VideoWave I want to add music from my files it doesn't pick up the new music. Short of starting the project over, what can I do? Is there some sort of refresh?
  6. cate

    Videowave Can't Find New Audio

    I actually downloaded free music (African music to accompany a DVD of an African trip I took recently). But, I figured a way around it. I copied the music to a thumb drive and from there I was able to get it into my production so there can't be anything wrong with the music. Still, thanks for your concern. Somehow it seems to me that Roxio locks in files where it finds them originally and can't find them if you move them during a production. Thanks for your concern.
  7. When I import photos into videowave they look fine. However, when I'm looking at the preview pane I see mostly lines and cannot recognize the picture unless I'm at least six feet away. What gives?
  8. I wouldn't disagree EXCEPT. The program worked although every time I opened it I got a message that my graphics card driver was old. I went online and tried to find a free update. I ended up with Driver Update (which I paid for). It found a number of outdated drivers (which doesn't surprise me as my desktop is quite old). I updated them using the software. Now Roxio doesn't work right. I actually have two desktops, both with the same graphics card. They seem to have different versions of the driver but the problem is the same with both. Now I'm in a quandry. If I restore my computer to a date before I downloaded the drivers might that help? I don't want to cause any more problems than I obviously have.
  9. My card is an S3 Graphics Pro Savage DDR. I don't know how to find the driver version. The program worked fine except I would get a message that the graphics card was out of date. So, I downloaded a program and it updated the graphics card. Now how do I straighten this out? I did find that by changing the Tools - options to hardware rather than software I'm able to see o.k. in the preview pane. Now, however, I am unable to add text!