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    Squished video

    That's a seriously convoluted workaround for a feature Roxio highlights as a main selling point. This is clearly a bug that breaks an advertised capability: "With just a few clicks you can locate, convert and burn your favorite shows, music and data to CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs, or sync to your iPhone™, iPod® and other mobile devices." (from Toast overview page) Also, this process is basically two levels of video conversion, thereby making the process very long and significantly more disk intensive. Does anyone know if Roxio is actually working on fixing this?
  2. Null Register

    Squished video

    I just upgraded and transferred a show over (Series2). It plays fine in the video player software but when I try to convert it for my iPhone it squishes the horizontal badly. It is like the aspect ratio is turned 90 degrees.
  3. Null Register

    Tivo Transfer and Snow Leopard

    Did you install Rosetta when installing Snow Leopard? It is optional now...