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    Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard

    I'm guessing that Toast 8.0.5 (my most recent full copy) is right out. Anyone try it? (Alas, Roxio's policy of charging nearly full price for an upgrade to each new version has discouraged me from keeping up. That and the fact I really need a family pack for our three machines which will be running Snow Leopard.) However, I do have a couple of copies of Toast Basic 9.0.4 (224) which came with the EyeTV hybrids I have. Looking at the list above, sounds like there's a chance they will work for our basic needs until I can maybe get a new copy(s) for my birthday or Christmas (let someone else buy them for me! )
  2. richgray885

    Does Toast 8.0.5 work with Snow Leopard?

    Anybody know if Toast 8.0.5 will run under Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard??
  3. richgray885

    8.0.5 update problem with privileges

    I've seen this happen with another app when it was installed by a non-admin user by providing an admin id & password. The app gets installed, but is owned by the non-admin user. If you then try to manipulate it from the admin account, you can't because the app is owned by the non-admin user. I just became root and removed the .app.