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    Tivo Transfer and Snow Leopard

    New bug to report for Tivo Transfer BETA My experience is similar to those above. 1) Deleting plist file restores ability to see Tivo and transfer shows to the Mac 2) Transferred shows will not "play" from inside Tivo Transfer 3) Same show will play just fine in Toast Video Player from inside Toast 9 (Oops! Just noticed that I am in a Toast 10 forum) 4) I see the whole show, not just the first 29 minutes as some have reported. 5) The new bug is that if I change the location of the Tivo Recordings from its default location to the second internal drive that I always use to store shows, Tivo Transfer BETA will hang until I do a Force Quit. Deleting plist file again restores function.
  2. Bruce Fuchs

    Tivo Transfer and Snow Leopard

    I downloaded the Tivo Transfer Beta and it hung on startup. Had to do a force-quit.