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    Just Purchased Nxt 4

    You can change the background image and add music but the thumbnail and text that comes with the theme can not be deleted. So if you use a theme that has a thumbnail then when you add a background image the thumbnail is still there and same thing with the text. You can't delete the text that comes with the theme and add your own text and you have to use the font and text size that comes with the theme you can't change it. Yes I had to buy the blu-ray plugin separately it did not come with the pro version.
  2. Crzybeck5

    Just Purchased Nxt 4

    Ok thanks. If this is MYDVD in NXT 4 then I don't like it and I will probably go back to NXT 3. I will wait your reply. Thanks again.
  3. Crzybeck5

    Just Purchased Nxt 4

    I just purchased NXT 4 mainly for MyDVD and the look of it has changed and it seems like I can't do alot of stuff that I could do from the previous version. When MyDVD first starts, it loads up Magic Mode, then when I click advanced mode it brings me to Tree Mode, then when I click on Edit Menu it takes me to the menu where you can select a theme and a theme is selected like Aerial View where it has a thumbnail on the menu and it's own text. So how do I delete the thumbnail and get rid of the text and then do my own text with my own font, right clicking does nothing and highlighting the thumbnail and clicking the delete button on the keyboard does nothing. When I add my own background the thumbnail is still there and I don't want it there? The add text option is not there either? On previous versions when you added a menu and movie it would show a project view list of what was added on the left side and then you could right click a video and go into videowave to edit it. Maybe I am doing something wrong also the slideshow option is not there. It is in the main Roxio Creator NXT Pro 4 program but not in MyDVD like in previous versions? Also how do I add a sub menu and change the buttons? Maybe I am being a complete noob or Roxio has slimmed down MyDVD. Please Help!!