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    Toast Titanium 10 Update Problem

    Opened Toast v10.0 today, received notification of Update Available. Downloaded the update for Toast 10 (supposedly updates to v10.09). Went to install - msg that the Update would replace a NEWER version that already exists in my Applications folder. The Toast folder in my Apps folder was last updated on 22-7-2012. I am running OS 10.7.5. Any suggestions?
  2. fred blogs

    error while making DVD video

    After much experimentation, some thoughts: Editing a recording in eyetv clearly upsets the relationship between eyetv and toast. the way around it is not to edit, or to export the edited file. the best export format i find is h.264 (although i did finally have success with Elementary Streams, as advised by tsantee). h.264 appears to limit the resultant file size while keeping quality acceptable. toast detests trying to write mixed file types. i also find the most stable way to write the exported file to dvd is to drag from the Movies folder in Finder (for macs) direct to toast, rather than via eyetv. there are clearly some glitches in eyetv and toast in terms of the file sizes displayed in various windows (some are vastly optimistic, i suspect). there are clearly some problems in the menage a trois between the OSX Finder, various internal and external dvd writers, and various types of blank media. there are also clearly some problems between Finder, writer, media and disc utility as well. thanks to whaletosh and tsantee.
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    error while making DVD video

    Thanks for your patience. this doesn't work either, unfortunately. I thought your reference to the source file was the clue to what is wrong. I have used eyetv to edit quite a number of recordings. these are the ones that are causing toast to crash. if you can suggest a fix for this that doesn't involne leaving the files as is, i would be grateful. in the meantime i have used the rather vague editing option in toast - which opens the file as an eyetv recording and sends the file back to Toast and that doesn't work either! All I want to do is reduce my file sizes as small as possible and record them to dvd and watch them on TV>
  4. fred blogs

    error while making DVD video

    OK, AND THANKS VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE. I will try that. one of the better points of toast is that it will take eyetv files directly, without having to convert to other formats first, which is a big pain with iDVD, not to mention the file sizes created with other formats. I find this whole thing very strange. i've been using toast (and spin doctor) for many years and never had one single problem before.
  5. fred blogs

    error while making DVD video

    Tried exporting from eyetv to toast - same problem. tried exporting as elementary stream. (I don't have Quicktime M2v (or whatever) component installed. Nevertheless proceeded with export. dragged mpa and mpv files that were created to toast. toast started to burn disc, then crashed. repeated, same result.
  6. fred blogs

    error while making DVD video

    I have the same problem. I am also using Mac OS 10.5.8 and Toast Titanium 10.0.2, but on a newish 20" iMac. I have also tried a number of solutions, including those mentioned by whaletosh, and I have also tried Toast on my laptop, and got the same problem. I have reinstalled the Updater from Titamium 10.0 to 10.0.2 and the problem recurs. The error message is "Could not record the disc because of a Mac OS error. Resukt code = -39'. It occurs most often at 67% into multiplexing the video recording (from EyeTV). Toast burns CDs OK, and other elements of the package, such as Spin Doctor all work fine. It doesn't seem to be a disc problem, as it occurs no matter what permutation i use - four different dvd brands and -RW, +RW and +_RW.