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    Can't Even Get Past Setup Assistant

    I found the deleted .plist file solution worked for me - the CTL-open method did not. What was never happening with this problem was the installer asking for the admin password, as it does when the install works - no password, no active "finish" button.
  2. brucknerdoc

    Can't Even Get Past Setup Assistant

    Just noticed that this problem was noted in the Toast 11 Pro ML thread starting yesterday as well - with acknowledgment from Roxio. I am one of the users who could not launch 11.0.6 without a crash since ML launched. Since 11.0.4 is the latest update listed on the Roxio site, is that the only version that works on ML for now? EDIT: answered my own question - at least I can launch 11.0.4...
  3. brucknerdoc

    Can't Even Get Past Setup Assistant

    And I find Roxio's lack of a solid update disturbing... Add me to the list who is unable to complete the 11.1 update - same problem as the OP I noticed that the Roxio site no longer has the 11.1 download available for download, so maybe they can "see" the problem now Anyhow, I have 11.1 installed on a mac running 10.8.1 - and it won't allow finishing the update as the "finish" button is greyed out
  4. brucknerdoc

    Trouble burning 5.1 audio DVD's

    I noticed in the DVD's I burned that if I opened them on my Mac using DVD Player, the disc info lists the audio as Dolby Digital 6 channels - just as you noticed with the disc image. However, the disc still played on my standalone player in 2 channels. I tried the disc on multiple players - I have quite a few DVD, BluRay, HDDVD players - and the result was the same with all of them. I think I'm losing my mind at this point...
  5. brucknerdoc

    Trouble burning 5.1 audio DVD's

    That's what I thought - when I watch the burn progress, Toast only shows multiplexing of files, not encoding. Yet, the burned disc only contains the front 2 channels. I've rechecked the files by extracting the individual channels and imported into Quicktime Pro - all show there is content on a all 6 channels, so I believe the files to be good. Frustrating...
  6. brucknerdoc

    Trouble burning 5.1 audio DVD's

    Hello - I've been trying to use Toast 10 to burn audio music DVD's using 5.1 AC3 files, but each time the discs come out with only 2 channels instead of 5.1. I've tried several of the suggestions that I've seen here and elsewhere - option-dragging the files into Toast, setting reencode to "never" - and Toast does identify the sound file as "Dolby Digital 5.1". I've even tried burning the discs as video DVD. I've checked the source file to make sure all channels are good and all 6 channels are indeed present. Any one have an idea why I cannot get Toast to burn correctly or know of another alternative? Thanks -