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    Compatibility MyDVD10 and MyDVD9

    Thanks, I’m using the new MyDVD 10 Premier, just buyed. I open the utility MyDVD 10 to prepare a new DVD, and then I’ve tried: 1. the menu: file/modify dvd with a DVD prepared with Mydvd 9. The program finds many titles and then it stops all… 2. then I’ve tried: file/import a MYDVD project (extension *.dvd) prepared with MyDVD 9. The program finds many things but then it stops all…
  2. I’m using the new MYDVD10 but this software isn’t able to read, correctly, the oldest project files *.dvd built with MyDVD9 and it isn’able to modify the oldest DVD built with Mydvd9. Why? How can I do? Thank you