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  1. I’m using the new MYDVD10 but this software isn’t able to read, correctly, the oldest project files *.dvd built with MyDVD9 and it isn’able to modify the oldest DVD built with Mydvd9. Why? How can I do? Thank you
  2. grscott@quipo.it

    Compatibility MyDVD10 and MyDVD9

    Thanks, I’m using the new MyDVD 10 Premier, just buyed. I open the utility MyDVD 10 to prepare a new DVD, and then I’ve tried: 1. the menu: file/modify dvd with a DVD prepared with Mydvd 9. The program finds many titles and then it stops all… 2. then I’ve tried: file/import a MYDVD project (extension *.dvd) prepared with MyDVD 9. The program finds many things but then it stops all…