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  1. I run Toast 9 and Toast 11, both the latest versions of the software on Mac OS 10.10.2 on my desktop and laptop I have a new Other World Computing optical drive which shows up as HL-DT-STDVDRAM GH24NSC0, firmware LI00 / MMC-3 (LG mechanism in an OWC case) When I use Toast, I am not able to pick any other write speed besides "best" and 1x DVD. System Report shows burn speeds of 8x, 16x and 24x. In the shareware "Simply Burns" and in Disk Utility, all supported speeds show up. Occasionally I would like to burn a disk at a slightly lower speed than "best" Toast 9 and 11 play nicely with my other burners, an old Pioneer and a couple of somewhat older portables. I'm using Verbatim DVD-R disks that I've used for years (the good ones, not the bargain line). The issue occurs on both computers in multiple users with and without admin privileges. OWC and LG cannot/would not help me. OWC simply says their product is compatible with Toast and LG (to whom OWC referred me) was obviously answered by a low-level responder whose reponse made no sense whatsoever. Anyone else having a similar problem with older version of Toast and newer optical drive, i.e., would the problem be solved by a newer Toast version (which I'm in no hurry to buy).
  2. When I put a disk into the new drive, Toast gives me only two options for write speeds, "best" and 1x. When I burn the disk on "best", it starts slow, but eventually ends up near 24x. When I put the same media into any of my other drives, Toast shows a greater range of write speeds - I usually burn at 8 or 12x. When I burn with the freeware app in the new drive I get choices of 8, 16 and 24x and I am able to burn at 8x.
  3. That's my point - I'm trying not to - wanted to burn at something lower, but Toast only "sees" speeds of 24x or 1x and when I burn using Toast, speed starts slow, but ultimately ends up near 24x. So back to my original question, is it Toast (9/11), or is there something not quite right with this drive? Again, freeware app shows the same burn speeds as System Report and allows me to drop down to 8x and in my other burners, Toast shows speeds of 16x, 12x and several other lower speeds.
  4. That's a good point. The DVD's are only 16X, but System Report shows write speeds of 8, 16 and 24x - do you think that indicates a problem with the burner?
  5. Best speed is very close to 24x, so fast the disk was once hot to the touch. When I burn, drive has been only device and connected directly to computer with a new cable and yes I tried multiple ports. Conflict unlikely b/c issue happens on two computers with multiple users. Sticking with 10.10.2 b/c I don't fix what ain't broke (learned the hard way many times).
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    Will Titanium 6 work on Intel Mac OSX.5.7?

    I have found 6.11 to be flaky under 10.5.8 on both my son's new iMac and my new MacBook Pro. A disk that copied fine on a AL Powerbook running Tiger ran into a memory error on the Intels. I cannot get Toast to mount its own disk images. My system log says "com.roxio.Toast[388] extension /Library/Application Support/Roxio/TDIXController.kext does not contain code for this architecture." And whereas I used to be able to copy from one optical drive to another, I'm finding the process very unreliable now with burned disks taking 5 min before they mount. I deleted everything Toast, repaired permissions, zapped my PRAM and reinstalled as recommended by another forum member, but I still have no luck mounting my .toast disk images with Toast itself. My take on all of this is that Toast 6 is sufficiently unreliable in 10.5.8 as to require upgrading. I presume Toast 9 and 10 can mount their own disk images under 10.5.8, right?