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    Fit To Dvd

    Thanks for the information. I do want this to play on a regular DVD player. The program is 2:39. I would like to get it onto one 4.7 GB DVD if possible. I do have access to Sorenson Squeeze (no Popcorn) and am currently trying to squeeze it down to make it fit. We have PC not MAC. Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. ssarcheck

    Fit To Dvd

    I have a DVD-R with a size of 4.7 GB. I have a video with a size of 1 GB. The video is in a wmv format. The 1 GB video will not fit on the 4.7 GB DVD. Why? Is there any way to make it fit? Thanks for your help.
  3. ssarcheck

    DVD - poor quality

    I have a project that was created on digital video, edited with an AVID and put out as an AVI. Converted it to an .flv for use on the web. It looks great. Now I want to make a DVD out of it that will play on any DVD player. Using MyDVD in Creator 2010 I loaded the .avi file into a menu and burned a DVD. Quality of the image is really bad. I suspect it has to do with settings, or the size of the original AVI - which was small - or is there a fromat other the .AVI that I should be using. Any guidence would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the info. Sorry if I'm a bit dense. I tried to play this on 3 seperate DVD players - still can't click on the menu icon. When you say "make an image first on the hard drive" are you talking about a video such as an .avi or QT reference file? My work flow is from the AVID I make a QTReference file, drag it into Squeeze make an mpeg2 with PCM audio - then pull that into Roxio. Make a menu and burn the disk. It goes through 6 steps then spits the dvd disk out. Again, I can click on the menu icon and get it to play on the PC. I know the dvd must be "finalized" and that box is clicked in the Roxio wizard. I'm lost. Thanks again.
  5. Had to reinstall Roxio 7 - After reinstalling I burned a DVD from a file that had been run through Sorenson Squeeze. The Finalize disk box was checked in the "burn dvd" control box. (If fact I thought the DVD wasn't finalized so I burned another DVD and found that I couldn't uncheck it.) DVD burned - runs fine on my PC using CINE player. Won't run on a standard DVD player (hooked up to TV). Menu comes up but I cannot click on the title to start the video. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.