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  1. I am the same but only happened when updated to Snow Leopard worked fine in Leopard
  2. sandy100

    false ntsc warning

    What video camera do u have??? it could be 30p or 60p a real pain for Toast
  3. sandy100

    Avchd on DVD

    i tried playing my first hi def disc in my sony bluray player but it keeps stalling/buffering went back and lowered the bitrate to max 18mb and it now works why is this and am i losing quality???? sandy
  4. sandy100

    External Bluray Burner for Imac

    I meant when I put it into my sony bluray player will it display it as a AVCHD or BD ROM disc and is BDROM more compatable than a AVCHD disc because some Bluray players dont read AVCHD
  5. sandy100

    External Bluray Burner for Imac

    Hi anyone an recommendations for Bluray Burner for Imac (external) and does it show up after the burn onto a bluray disc in the player as a BD ROM or a AVCHD disc sandy
  6. I burned my first hd movie (HDV/AIC) on to a normal DVD when I play it in my sony 550 bluray it plays ok for about 1 minute, in 16:9 ratio, then starts to stutter i then have to pause the movie and restart and plays ok for about 1min and does it again until i pause and restart (the movie has been stopped and started various scenes) it is like a buffering problem between the disc and the player anyone got any ideas sandy. update this disc plays fine on a PS3 but in 4:3 aspect not 16:9 and stutters even more on a sony bluray 300