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    Can't Burn .ogv File

    I downloaded a movie in .ogv format. I can play it in QuickTime (with the OggVorbis QT component) but when I try to burn it to disk using Toast 7.13 Toast quits while encoding it (the movie was in PAL and had to be converted to NTSC) about halfway through, giving no error message. I have 2 Gb of physical RAM and 40+ GB of HD space. Anyone know what's wrong and how to fix it?
  2. gwgoldb

    Best Way To Burn .avi To Dvd?

    I was hoping for an easier solution, too. It took 16 (!) hours to encode and burn an .mkv format movie and I have 1.66 Gb CPU Intel Mac and 1Gb of physical RAM
  3. gwgoldb

    How to put two separate VIDEO_TS folders on one DL disk?

    VERY helpful, thanks! But...I found that the combined VIDEO_TS folders were still larger than the capacity of the double_layer DVD+R DL (reported by Toast 7 as 7.6 Gb, even though listed as 8.5 Gb on the lable) and the compression option listed under DVD Video from VIDEO_TS Folder wasn't offered (and I couldn't find it by plugging "compression" into the documentation Search engine). Can one use compression with this option?
  4. I just bought a 3-pack of Memorex DVD+R double capacity single-sided blank disks to copy two VIDEO_TS folders onto one recordable disk. The problem is that when I select the 2nd folder for recording the first seems to be "deselected" as Toast 7.1 reports the total time as that of the 2nd folder. I tried renaming one folder VIDEO_TS2 but that didn't work. What am I doing wrong (other than perhaps buying Memorex in the first place, from what I've been reading)?
  5. No matter how I define part of a track and export it I get a useless 68K AIFC file. Only dragging the saved Active Track to the Toast Audio CD window seems to work. Is this really how it's supposed to work?
  6. gwgoldb

    How can I edit a track?

    Many thanks! That got me on the right track. It took me a while to figure out that I had to export the Active (edited) Track to Toast, then export the Toast file as AIFF. When I have enough such files collected I can burn an audio CD using Toast.
  7. gwgoldb

    How can I edit a track?

    Sorry to be dense, but I don't see how to do that with SD. If it's called Adjust it's unclear to me how to delete the unwanted part. If it's Record, it doesn't seem as if a preexisting file is considered an audio source. Can you, or someone, point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
  8. gwgoldb

    How can I edit a track?

    To put it another way: is there a way to begin ripping a track in the middle?
  9. gwgoldb

    Spin Doctor freezing

    No, but once I repaired permissions I was able to get it to launch.
  10. gwgoldb

    Spin Doctor freezing

    I can't get Spin Doctor to even launch (yes, I have an Intel Mac Mini and Toast 7.1).
  11. gwgoldb

    Trouble burning from Video TS file

    Can Toast convert FROM NTSC TO PAL?
  12. gwgoldb

    How can I edit a track?

    But Roxio says: Toast 7 runs on the Intel-based Macs in Rosetta and operates as expected. A universal binary version will be provided in the future to Toast 7 users as a compatibility fix. Prior versions of Toast may also run on the Intel-based Macs in Rosetta, but no further updates are planned. Popcorn 1 & 2, Jam 6, CD Spin Doctor 3, Motion Pictures 2, and The Boom Box run on the Intel-based Macs in Rosetta and operate as expected. Some products may be updated in the future to provide compatibility to universal binary versions to resolve any issues related to the new platform. Other products will be introduced as universal binary versions as part of the next new major release cycles.
  13. gwgoldb

    How can I edit a track?

    No, not inadvertently. I have Toast 7 and hope there is some way to edit a track I've recorded using Toast
  14. gwgoldb

    How can I edit a track?

    I'm using Audio Catalyst 2.1 to record some tracks from LPs for which there are no CDs (and who wants to buy the music again anyway?) My main problem is that I sometimes miss the start of the track because I can't monitor the sound other than in Audio Catalyst's amplitude bar, which is never zero. If I record too much (like the end of the previous track), how can I cut out the part I don't want before burning to a CD?
  15. I want to copy a single track from an audio CD to my HD. I don't want to burn the CD today because I haven't decided all the tracks that will go on this custom audio CD. In addition, I will be creating a voice (narration) track, so today I just want to copy the track as an audio file. The closest solution in Toast 7.02 I could find was to copy it as an AIFF file. Can't an audio CD file be copied in audio CD (original) format?