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    Blu-Ray Plug-N Registration

    OK. Found the installer. No problems.
  2. holysmoker7

    Blu-Ray Plug-N Registration

    I just installed Toast 11 on an SSD. Where and /or when, how do you enter the code for the blu-ray plug-in registration? I have it, but during the installation I was never asked to enter it. TIA
  3. holysmoker7

    What's Happened Here? - Help Needed

    Also try burning at a slower speed. When burning at "best" or "fastest" you will be prone to errors. TDK makes good disks, but once in a while the combination of burner and speed make them seem inferior. And I recommend repairing permissions and doing the maintenance scripts periodically as well.
  4. holysmoker7

    Delkin Blu Ray Burner For A Mac Needs Toast 10 App

    Please tell us what model powerbook you have. Is it a blu-ray application or a blu-ray burner you want to connect? Did you get Toast 10 Pro, or just Toast 10.? You need Toast 10 Pro with the blu-ray plug-in, which has a separate serial number when you install Toast 10 Pro. This model: Delkin DDBD-R/DRIVE 8X 8X External Blu-Ray Burner DDBD-R/DRIVE 8X from Amazon is USB2. It should have come with a USB cable. If not you will need to get one to connect it to your computer.
  5. holysmoker7

    Upgrading To Current Toast 10 Version But Keep 10.0.2

    I have every version since 10.0.0. As each new version comes in, I just rename the folder to OldToastVersion10.x.x. And then install whatever the new versioln is.
  6. holysmoker7

    Error Copying Mp3 Cd

    I agree with fmorris9 and highly recommend a slower speed. I always burn at 8x for cd's and depending on the media, 2-4x for dvd's. So what if it takes longer. At least it won't be a coaster.
  7. holysmoker7

    Burning Dual Layer Dvds With Toast

    Why did you turn buffer under-run off. My understanding is that it is intended to help avoid the very thing you are experiencing.
  8. holysmoker7

    Wrong Update 10.0.8

    No problems here. Does the get info say 10.0.8?
  9. holysmoker7

    Pre-Release Version Will Expire Soon? I Bought It!

    And yet another unhappy experiencer. What is Roxio trying to do? Trick people into buying an flawed product again?
  10. holysmoker7

    Toast 10.7 Pre-Release Message

    Is that really 10.7 or is it 10.0.7? I have 10.0.7 but I've never until now heard of a 10.7.
  11. holysmoker7

    Burn Multiple Tracks As Single Track?

    Here is what you want: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/21391/join-together
  12. holysmoker7

    Blue-Ray Disc Device

    Which Mac Pro? What operating system? Internal or external? Atapi or sata? 'Check out http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Pioneer/BDR205BKMP/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_campaign=googlebase and others Also check out newegg. Did you do a google search? And over on Amazon, a reviewer says it worked great with his MacPro, and another with is MacBook.
  13. holysmoker7

    Burn 2 Discs At Once

    Yes - you will need to treat each ap as a separate ap. Adding to one does not automatically add to the other. You can do a "save as" in the first app, and then open that saved file using the second ap. Toasts will save a reference to the fils, not the actual files themselves.
  14. holysmoker7

    Burn 2 Discs At Once

    Yes you can. Do a duplicate of the Toast application, Drag both to the Dock, and you are set to burn. I used to burn 4 cd's at once with four external drives before I bought a high speed duplicator.
  15. holysmoker7

    Questions On Making A Music Dvd

    I am still trying to create a music dvd. Is there a limit to the number of playlists and therefore buttons? Is there a limit to the number of text characters that can be in track names. Toast gets to the point of creating the disk image and/or burning a dvd, and then crashes. The last entry is for a dvd folder. I am using the latest versions of Toast and OSX 10.6.4. IS there a better combination. Can I have more than 20 songs in a playlist? Can I have more than 4 playlists? and if yes, how many of each? Is there any place to find this information? It is not in the manual. Thank you to anyone who has any knowledge as to why it does not work.
  16. holysmoker7

    Questions On Making A Music Dvd

    I successfully saved a disk image and burned a dvd today. I had to use the raw aif files and input track names and cd names manually. Toast has not accepted just simply dragging a folder from iTunes, even if those files are aif. It took all day to input the date of each track name on 26 cd's, but it did work. I also dragged pictures onto each track and it took those and aded then with no problem. Thanks for all your help. I have solved my problem. Toast can have many playlists,probably up to 99, but navigation can get tricky on a dvd player.
  17. holysmoker7

    Questions On Making A Music Dvd

    I have four hard drives on my Mac Pro. Is it permitted to have a copy of Toast 10 Pro on each drive - still only one computer?
  18. holysmoker7

    Questions On Making A Music Dvd

    OK. I've gotten to the point that Toasts does all the encoding without crashing. But it hangs and crashes when it gets to the part where it is supposed to either burn the dvd or save it as a disk image - right at the very end, in other words. Checking the file for "Roxio Recovered Items," the last entry is a dvd folder that has lots of files in it, but it is only a few megabites in size. It should be close to 4 gb in size. Any clues anybody? TIA
  19. holysmoker7

    Cannot Drag And Drop Itune's Files Into Toast

    This is interesting. I cannot burn a music dvd. The files do "drag and drop," but Toat will not burn a dvd or save as a disk image. There must be something in the latest iTuns that just will not play with Toast.
  20. holysmoker7

    Music Dvd

    OK. A burn with AIF files to a disk image worked. I had found an "offending" file that was in a format Toast did not recognize, so I changed it to AAC. I am now burning a disk image from the iTunes library; it is about 25% done with no crashes so far.
  21. holysmoker7

    Music Dvd

    I can create a music dvd, no problem. But I would like to add some pictures to it. Looked in the manual, tried google - so far no help. Anybody do this and have a way? Do I simply create a folder of the pictures and drag that into the Toast window where I added the audio folders? TIA
  22. holysmoker7

    Music Dvd

    Thanks for all your help. No I do not use uncommon characters, at least not on purpose. My typing is horrid sometimes. But it eventually gets corrected. I'm sure there is a simple solution, so I'll keep plugging away until I find what works for me. I am right now encoding from all the aif files. It is about 1/2 way through. If it crashes, at least I know now where to look to see what caused the problem. I would like to use the files from iTunes if possible because they have the cd text, cd title and all. Maybe that's not possible. But I rarely let the impossible stop me. I may get frustrated for a while, and then a brilliant idea or help comes along. So enjoy your weekend and have a really good trip. You deserve it.
  23. holysmoker7

    Music Dvd

    I was premature in saying that Toast would create a music dvd. It appeared to be doing so when I wrote the first post. No to any specific file for crashing. I already converted the mp3s to aac, but do I need to convert all of them to aif. That would be 26 playlists X 12 tracks average, total. My understanding is that Toast converts the files to 192Khz Dolby Digital, the default setting. I had no problems with one playlist. Anytime that I dragged two or more playlists and either tried to burn a dvd or burn an image, Toast crashed. No specific place as I can tell. My tone has changed to frustration from optimism at the first post. I thought I had found the solution to a big problem - sending out 4 cd's per month to 30+ people. I was hoping one dvd per month or even per quarter would help save a lot of time, postal expense and other troubles. Now are you saying that Toast will only accept AIF files for this activity. I do have all the files in AIF format, but that would mean having to drag them individually from the folders they are in, (along with the editing files), which would really be a pita. I've turned off the computer for a while - need to fix dinner. Back later with a clearer mind and calmer emotions hopefully. Thanks for your help. If you say you've been able to do it, then it must work, and maybe there is something I have missed.
  24. holysmoker7

    Music Dvd

    What I want is to simply create a music dvd - the music is actually talks I have given over the past 6 months, and the files are all in iTunes format (AAC I think). But Toast will not do that. It crashes about halfway through the encoding process. I have tried every version since 10.0.3, and Toast will not create a music dvd./ I was able to get it to do so with just one playlist - one talk in other words. I want a dvd with all 26 talks on it. In reading about creating a music dvd, it seemed so simple. The there was the part about adding your own pictures, and since it is a dvd to be played in dvd players, I thought, 'Hey that would be great!" But alas I cannot get it to even create a music dvd with more than one playlist. I really do not care to create a slide show. I've done that with iPhoto, iMovie and such. I want a dvd that lists the talks and tracks within the talks, and all that as a menu that a normal dvd player can access. This is what it seemed like a music dvd would be, and what Toast claimed it would and could do. Unfortunately my experience with Toast 10 has been that many things were broken from the start. And every time one thing was fixed, two or three things were broken. So forget the photos and slide show stuff, how do I create a music dvd? The directions in the manual, and a recent post on the same, simply do not work. I have a Mac Pro, 13 gigs ram, four 2TB hard drives, an SSD raid, external backups, OSX 10.6.4 and 10.5.8 and have tried them all. Restarted, run permissions repair on all drives, do maintenance scripts, pram reset, turn off computer and let it rest a couple of hours. Can you interpret the crash files that get created each time Toast crashes - which has been every time I've tried to burn or create a music dvd or an image. If so I could attach that. Any other suggestions? TIA
  25. holysmoker7

    Suddenly Making Coasters

    Sorry about that. I thoughtI was on to something. Guess it's time for a new Mac. I just got the new mini and am liking it more and more each day.