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    NERO photoshow Deluxe 5

    Hi ROK: I have experienced recently what you are asking about.... 1) As far as I am concerned ROXIO v5 is the same program as NERO deluxe v5 which was a stand alone program. However whenever I tried to use it the NERO program it gave me an error message and shut itself down leaving me no other option than to purchase the 29.99 upgrade to ROXIO v 5. I have also downloaded ROXIO v6 to help with DVD burning. In ROXIO v6 there is a menu maybe called FILE IMPORT photoshows. I open ROXIO v5 which lists all of my old completed NERO photoshows. Then from ROXIO v6 I import the photoshows that I want to burn using v6. Do not re-edit in v6 or everything you generated in v5 will be changed. 2) Unfortunately I was at the end of making a new photoshow using NERO v5 and was ready to finalize the show. Maybe it needed music from the Internet, I do not know, but I could not finalize the photoshow. This is how I found out I had to purchase the premium account with ROXIO. AND THE KICKER WAS THAT MY PHOTOSHOW IN PROGRESS WAS COMPLETELY LOST AND UNRETRIEVABLE. SO I HAD TO START ALL OVER AGAIN USING ROXIO. Any photoshows previously completed however can be retrieved in ROXIO. So now I am trying to burn all of my old photoshows since I do not want to be stuck paying an annual fee forever to have access to my old photoshows. HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED THE LOSS OF GB MEMORY STORAGE WITH THE BURNING OF DVD'S USING THE OLD NERO PROGRAM?
  2. csj

    NERO photoshow Deluxe 5

    Same thing happened to me. I had made a new large photoshow using my purchased home software NERO photoshow v5. I was trying to finalize the photoshow I had spent hours working on. NERO kept shutting down due to unexpected error. Finally somehow I ended up connected to the ROXIO website which said NERO no longer works and I had to upgrade & pay $29.99 to get premium account and access to my photoshows. I did this but lost my unfinalized photoshow...pain in the ,,,,, since there was no upfront warning and no email saying this was going to happen to NERO customers. Anyways had to redo entire photoshow. Was able to burn one DVD and no others until I downloaded version 6. Burnt 2 photoshows and now cannot burn another one. Came to realize NERO and ROXIO were generating files hidden by Vista and had devoured 30GB on memory on my laptop. After finally finding these files on our own since tech support had no idea of what I was talking about I deleted the 75,000 files and recovered 30GB of memory but now cannot burn a DVD. WHY NOT???? Nothing works easily and I hate the day I met NERO photoshow.......and so does my laptops memory. Anyone else out there experienced this??????
  3. Is it common for Roxio and the old Nero photoshow to generate vast number of files eating up MANY GB of memory? I was losing GB's of memory at a such a rate as to render my laptop unusable due to lack of free memory space. Quite by chance we realized that Vista has to be set to allow hidden files to be visualized in the AppP folder. I had 28.5 GB suddenly revealed that was previously hidden. 75,000 files were deleted from the old NERO folder suddenly freeing up 28.5 GB of memory space on my laptop. Why are these files not automatically deleted after burning a DVD? Why can a 2nd DVD not be burnt from the same photoshow? The entire process has to be repeated to obtain a 2nd DVD ultimately generating more files and eating up more memory. Do people realize how much memory is gobbled up each time a DVD is burnt and is this normal? After deleting the NERO folder I can no longer burn a DVD using Roxio Photoshow v6. Why not? Please help to prevent further frustration with these photoshows.
  4. csj


    Does this mean that when photoshows created in Roxio Photoshow v5 are imported in v6 and are not edited but simply burnt to the DVD that the multiple songs are removed from the photoshow v5 prior to burning the DVD?