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    MPEG Triming and Editing Problems

    I am using Video Wave, and mostly I just go to trim and go to a time that matches were the audio is and then put the marker at that section of time then do the same at the end. Yet after I trim it won't be on on the time that I chose. It would be a few second before it. I have tried to split it yet I cannot find where the split function is and it won't let me split the footage. Nvm found out the problem and fixed it. Thanks for the help though. As seen before you guys are quick to help and the punch.
  2. Gherakai

    MPEG Triming and Editing Problems

    Roxio Creator 2009, I am trying to edit out the part of the begining and part of the end so I just have the footage right in the middle around the 10min mark and the 20 min mark.
  3. I am trying to edit a 32 min MPEG file down to 3 parts. Although every time I try to trim it at a section of time like 10:58:892 as the screen says it comes out a few seconds before or after the time it said before I trimmed it. Is what I am doing wrong since what I need to do is sync up audio to video then cut into 3 parts. So is this a computer problem or a program problem and how can it be fixed?