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  1. I am trying to produce a DVD disc that will play on both a Blu Ray player and a PS3 at 1080 resolution using Final Cut Express and Toast 10 Pro. The original footage is sub-optimal as it is 720 and then I have scaled it in Final Cut to 1440 x 1080 with the Apple Intermediate codec. I then have Toast set to MPEG-2, (I got errors with MPEG-4) and an enocoding resolution; average bit rate of 20Mbps and max of 26 Mbps. Audio Dolby Digital at 224 kbps. Half-PEL is checked, it is set to Never reencode, Field Dominance, and Aspect Ratio is set to automatic. It has no menu and is set to Auto-play on insert, and to play continuously. I have successfully tested the disc on my new slimline PS3 and a Samsung 100hz LCD display with HDMI shows 1440 x 1080i and looks fine. However, the customer has tried to play it on their new PS3, but it won't play. It will recognise the disc as an AVCHD disc but it will not play it. A Panasonic BMP BD60 will play the disc but when it is set to automatically play the resolution of the DVD the screen display shows 720 x 576 and looks poor. The customer wondered if they should download the latest PS3 firmware to see if that fixes it, but I am mystified why it is also only outputting 576 from the Blu Ray player? Anyone know what would be 1) wrong with the PS3 or the disc? 2) why the Blu Ray is showing 576 when the original file is 1440 x 1080?
  2. I am having the same trouble. The closest I have come to the solution is that Toast seems unable to handle MPEG-4 AVC. I have noted other comments along these lines and have been trying to get to the bottom of it. When I switch to MPEG 2 it encodes fine and doesn't stop with the error. I am perplexed as this would seem to be a basic requirement? The original files are QT H264 movies so I would have thought that using MPEG4-AVC would mean they didn't need re-encoding but that doesn't seem to work. Here is what I found on the Forum http://forums.support.roxio.com/lofiversio...php/t36461.html Please post if you find a solution?
  3. dexaqua

    Poor quality with HD plugin

    I am still trying to figure out what is going on when I start with a good quality H264 1280 x 720 quicktime that is around 2.5GB and then when I bring it into Toast the disc size is predicted to be 1.3GB. This would suggest there is some serious compression going on. I also notice that if I select BD disc the size goes to 1.7GB so is there an automatic setting for the different discs. I have a custom setting using MPEG 2 encoding with an average bit rate of 20mbs and a max of 24mbs so shouldn't that set the compression. I am wondering if that is the reason that my Blu Ray DVDs are a poor quality. My client tells me that the player is reporting a 576p picture and not 720p.
  4. dexaqua

    720p is encoded as 576p

    It would appear that I have the Pro version and that the HD plugin. I am still not sure how I can tell if the HD plugin is working, however, I noticed that when I start with a good looking Quicktime H264 1280 x 720 the final Blu Ray DVD quality is poor. I have tried custom setting the encoding to an average bit rate of around 18mb and max of 24 but that seems to make no difference. My client tells me that when it plays back on their player it is reporting that the picture is 576p and not 720p which would account for the low quality. The details in the blu ray video menu reports that it is H264 1280 x 720 so what is going wrong?
  5. dexaqua

    HD Plugin install problems

    I have been trying to figure out a low encoding quality for almost a week and need to finish a job for a client urgently! I thought I had installed the HD Plugin with Toast 10 Pro, however, every time I tried to burn a DVD for playback on Blu Ray the quality looks terrible. I am starting to suspect that the plugin might not be properly installed but I don't know how to tell? How can I tell if the HD Plugin is installed? I looked in the Application Support>Roxio folder but there was no HD Plugin. Where should it be and what should my interface look like?