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    Chapter Menu Thumbnails

    I am in My DVD using Menu Style "Stripe" (however it happens with Mementoes too). I have 4 movies on my title page. I have set up chapters for each movie which appear on my project view area as sub menues of the movies. The Chapter menu page for my 1st movie lists 6 chapters. Chapter 1 tumbnail on the preview is the first frame of that movie. When I go to the movie #2 Chapter menu page, the Chapter 1 tumbnail is the first frame of movie #1 not movie #2, like it should be. If I try to change the tumbnail, the proper section of movie #2 shows and I pick the tumbnail that I want. It does not keep most of the time. Occasionally I'm able to change it, but when it does change, it also changes the tumbnail on chapter 1 on ALL 4 movie Chapter Menu pages.

    Chapter Menu Thumbnails

    I'm working in MyDVD (Creator 2009). I have 4 movies, each with 3 to 12 chapters in my production. The Chapter 1 thumbnail in each movie is the same picture. If I play the video, it plays the correct scene even though the thumbnail was incorrect. I can change the thumbnail but then it changes ALL of my chapter one thumbnail pictures on all 4 movies. What did I do wrong? How can I fix this problem?