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  1. Thanks for your reply, System Mechanics IS my Anti-Virus plus what it does in other areas for PC, it has proved to be useful, never had a virus since I installed few years ago, with Norton I had virus first year but it NEVER affected Videowave or any other program before, no, malwarebytes does not scan while I am using Videowave but I do see that some people claim it has slowed down their PC, of course it could be another reason, as it happens I do have Soluto, I still have same start up programs I had before problem started, I did end process of System Mechanics in Task Manager but it had no effect on Videowave.
  2. Well I have been using System Mechanics for years, I also have malwarebytes but I think I have sufficient memory.
  3. Well I did un-install using Revo, re-installed Roxio, now video files show up again but when I drag any file even an image to timeline takes a while, same when I use Pan and Zoom editor, before I didn't have this problem, I have plenty of Hardrive space free, 8gb Ram, i7 processor.
  4. Hi, No I didn't change anything, that is the puzzle, sometimes one video will show, all others not
  5. I have been using Creator Pro for many years, suddenly all my videos in Videowave show up as hourglass symbols on my media section and I cannot use them, tried repair, re-install but problem remains, any suggestions?
  6. Ray05

    Videowave Crash

    I too have Creator 2011 Pro, have also endless crashes in Videowave, I have top spec Desktop PC and still having them, also it is the only Video editing software I know that does not have auto save which means after a crash everything is lost, why oh why they couldn't at least put that in program?
  7. I have exactly the same problem, upgraded from 2011 Pro to NXT Pro, Corel informed me that NXT won't be able to, in the past I had no problems importing from previous versions, if I had known I would not have bought NXT as I have many projects from previous versions
  8. I have just installed Creator NXT Pro, I find that if I open Videowave projects from Creator 2011 Pro, it cannot recognise Transitions, text or effects, only images on video track, in the past I had no problems importing from previous versions, Corel inform me that NXT won't be able to, has anyone experienced this problem? I find it very strange if that is the case, other editing software will allow you to use projects from previous versions, Roxio certainly did in the past.