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  1. I have a windows XP pro. service pack 2 all the minimum requirements on the box. to spec. Perfectly new hard drive. no extras not even online. AVI file movies? The preview control bar. Is not there. I can't press play and see what I got below. I need to play straight through the trimmed clips. also need capture photo button. Sorry for the eye sore. late' p.s. the saving files was the hard drive so I bought another one new. now I save and get a windows 10 error and immediately closes after about three or four saved clips on a production.
  2. Does any body know what happens to the production editor preview control tool bar? Mine disapeared. HA!!!!!!!!!! How can I find the way to get her back!!!!!!!!!
  3. Every time I bring up a videowave saved file of a bout 5-10 DIVX clips the error comes up disconnected drive. tried it on both my portable media drive and C: hard drive. can't find files. retry and skip. 59 KB is that about right? I want my movie trimmings! can't find my production editor preview tools either. The tool bar disappeared. fantastic. was working a minute ago. too much late'