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  1. Hi Tsante. Hadn't checked back on my last post / 'rant' till just now. Gave up on computer stuff for a few days; busy refurbishing the house. Anyways..just re-read my last post / rant. Wanted to make sure you knew i wasn't upset with you..by all means..you've been great. When i sent that last post it was late at night after a ton of failed attempts & quite a few beers & i was feeling pretty frustrated. Just threw my frustration "out there"...certainly not at you. I'n pretty sure you didn't take it that way..but wanted to be sure as you've been nothing but great in trying to help me! Well...anyways..read what you posted & tried it. Same (bad) results. No idea what's up? Read posts about problems with the upgrade to 10.4.6.....so...did an archive & install. Made sure the permissions were correct before & after...and prior to that deleted all popcorn / roxio files. Now...everything should be all clear & "new" & properly upgraded......yet......same results! Well..guess now, i should archive again...and try the burn at the 10.4.5 to see. Will do that soon...after a few more experiments & trials. Still maintain my frustration...but not sure weather to lay the blame on the upgrade or popcorn..or *mac the ripper (*regarding the update)???? AS always...if you have ANY advice i'm all ears! josh thanks again tsante!
  2. I am soooo sick of mac and popcorn!!! "NOTHING" WORKS!!! I'm taking this p.o.s. mac mini back to the store tomorrow. I've spent near a thousand dollars in memory upgrades ....software....etc. Oh yeah...the commercials say to just plug it in and go. Whatever!!!!!!! And.....the only reason mac's don't "get" viruses is because pc's consume 90% of the business. It's NOT because mac's are special....it's only because they're in the minority of computers that could get viruses. A bunch of guys at the local COMP USA told me so...and that they have a mac, right now, in the back room, that's full of viruses. On my old pc i ran nero w. dvd shrink....WITHOUT A SINLGE PROBLEM!!!!. You should not have to constantly check support groups just to have things running the way they're supposed to!!!!!!! I'm done w. "MAC"!!!!!...AND POPCORN. Blew money on popcorn 1 only to get popcorn 2....only to get toast titanium......none of which work now since i upgraded to mac osx 10.4.6. You should not have to go through a bunch of sh** to simply have things work the way they'e supposed to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M DONE WITH MAC & POPCORN!!!!!
  3. Hi Tsante! Thanks again for trying to help me out. I DO have popcorn 2. It's giving me the same exact results as popcorn 1 & 1.0.3. I'm really really frustrated. Like i said...i had 100% success on my intel duo core using popcorn 1 before my upgrade to osx (tiger) 10.4.6. So you maintain, it's a problem w. the intel core? I must admit i'm way confused here. As much as i use computers (which is like all the time) i've never been terribly technical. So...what should i do to be able to continue to burn flicks? Toast 7? Another program? At this point i've already blown a sad amoutn of cash on popcorn & the upgrade to pop 2...as well as memory etc. With my dsl connection things are going a bit better. But i really really want to continue burning movies. Any suggestions that you think would truley solve this? Like i said..if i have to fork over some more cash for new software that's fine; just wanna' get back to burning flicks without the constant problems. On the old pc...nero & dvd shrink worked FLAWLESSLY (and totally FREE!!!) with all media etc. So..is it the mac platform?..popcorn?...what? Just really sick of constantly researching the heck out of everything to get "anything" to work properly~~~ josh
  4. Hi, this is my second post on this site. Would like to thank tsante for his previous help. Hopefully he (or anyone else) can help me with my NEW DILEMMA: Just upgraded my mac mini (tiger osx / intel duo core..) to the most recent 10.4.6v Now..everything "seems" to go through all the stages of the burn just fine, *both on popcorn 1.0.3 & Popcorn 2.......BUT......when i go to play the disk various little "screen glitches (that look like some sort of defragmentation?)" appear randomly...and...THE AUDIO IS TOTALLY OFF SYNC. Also the movies won't start from the beginning w. the previews etc. *Basically all sorts of errors... Now prior to this i was working with popcorn 1 w. the 10.4.5 version..and everything was totally fine. And...i'm positive it's not the media. I'm using the same media i was using before. Even rechecked my other movies (of the same media) in my dvd player..and they're still playing just fine. *Moreso...i did TONS of "tests / experiments" on both popcorn 1.0.3 and popcorn 2...on BOTH..my internal (matshita) burner & my (firewire connected) external plextor. I used the two different types of media that i'd had 100% perfect burns with on my internal matshita (Sony & Memorex). Again, tried both 1.0.3 and 2. I used the "correct" (maxell -R) media with my plextor with both 1.0.3 & 2. Did regular burns & also mounted the image & burnt the copy that way ....ETC...ETC...ETC...(every possible combination i could try). Sorry to sound confusing..but what i'm saying is that i tried EVERYTHING in regards to media, the diff. versions of popcorn, my two different burners etc. So the problem is definitely not related to any of those variables. It "appears" to be a problem i'm having w. the Tiger 10.4.6 upgrade***. I even trashed mac the ripper & both versions of popcorn...corrected the permissions on disk utility...rebooted...reinstalled mtc & popcorn 1 & 2 ETC..ETC..ETC........SAME EXACT ERRORS! And, again (at the risk of being even more repetitive): The actual burn process "seems" to be fine. It's not until i play the disk in my dvd player (actually both my dvd players!)...and on my computer even....that the errors begin. And "again" these errors are wierd graphic glitches & major errors in the AUDIO SYNC! Any help would be soooooo extremely appreciated. I love burning movies. I'm on the computer all day (w. my computer business)...and it's just a great little past time that i take a lot of pleasure in...and i'd LOVE to get this figured out. I stated this in my other post..but i've had several other problems with this mini mac..and am begginning to second guess the switch from a windows pc. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY INCOMING SOS RESPONSES!!! josh
  5. joshycorn

    Is the verification stage necessary?

    Thanks tsantee! Ahh..i do digress about verification. Was having no problems when burning memorex with my slow factory installed mac drive. But now**...when trying to use my Plextor (with memorex disks)...have had a few veification problems that resulted in some problems with the final burnt copy...and a few other errors during the burn process (aside from the verification stage) as well. So...i should probably check the plextor site for recommended media?....and just let popcorn burn at "best" speed (rather than setting it to 16x)? You think that's a step in the right direction? Hopefully there's no other bugs with simply running popcorn on my mac through an external? The plextor IS working on my mac mini..playing disks fine...and "kind of" working with popcorn. You don't think there's anything else i'm missing (aside from checking for more appropriate media & the other things i mentioned)? I'm downloading the popcorn patch (again) for my newly downloaded version of popcorn 2. Also i downloaded the "MAC PATCH" to ensure that everything w. the Plextor is 100%. Yet..i did have some start up problems after the Mac Patch required a restart. I hope i didn't do anything wrong there? If you ever downloaded the Mac Patch..did you find any problems with that? Well..obviously i'm totally new to the Mac platform...and new to popcorn...AND...formatting everything properly for an external burner. If you might have any other recommendations / suggestions i'm all ears!!! Oh..one more thing (which again should maybe be in a new post..or a "mac" post): Do you know of any specifications or requirements i may need for ensuring my external burner is running at top speed? I heard that i needed an 80-WIRE IDE CABLE to ensure fastest times...but...then i heard those are only used with internal drives. Other stuff: Should a high speed usb 2.0 cord work just fine..or does fire wire work faster......and.....lastly......I've seen all sorts of recommendations that Toast Lite is needed for properly running my mac w. an external burner. But again, the plextor works. I mean is it that i just need "any" software (like Popcorn, obviously)..or should i also check into Toast as well? Sorry for the information overload. Just with this new mac mini i've had quite a few problems...and am really needing all the help i can get. Should you decide to reply to some of this excessively long inquiry you're awesome. If not i'll just keep checking all the different forums on here & mac. THANKS AGAIN TSANTEE!!!!!!!!! josh
  6. joshycorn

    Is the verification stage necessary?

    Just wondering if this verification stage seems totally necessary? It seems to just take that much extra time. Also..i've had a couple burns that quit during verification due to an error (unreadable file)..yet!...the dvd came out just fine! Just wondering what you guys thought about this? And, perhaps this should be a different post..but, anyways..i'm using a mac mini osx (tiger)...and, yes, the burner in this machine is way slow. Just got a great deal on an external plextor 16x +/- R (etc) at Best Buy. If you're looking for a nice burner that hooks up & is ready to go right away..this will definitely fit the bill! ANYWAYS...noticing posts about regardless of the speed of the burner or the speed of the disk..that burns may still go alot slower than they should. Ex...I'm using Memorex 16x. I set popcorn to record at that speed..yet...doesn't seem that much faster than before. Just upgraded to Popcorn 2...and tomorrow am planning on installing a 1gb memory stick..which i hope will help. But..so what do you guys think about media? Any particular brands that actually DO BURN AT 16X?... Well..this is my first post. Thanks much in advance for any suggestions!! josh