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    EasyCap Video Capture with Creator 2009

    What from ? External video sources, ie; my Hi8 camera, VCR, DVD player.. it's not an issue with the sources, it's an issue with the EasyCap device drivers. Not even a Roxio issue, the EasyCap I have worked great with my old laptop and XP 64.. even with Vista 64 drivers It doesn't work.. Vista wont recognize the drivers... I can hook it up to my old laptop, my desktop, one is XP 64 bit, the other XP Media 32 bit.. and it works fine.. Just making one last ditch effort to solve the problem, before I buy something else, and looking for advice on what to buy if I have to go that route.... Last I checked the Dazzle device is what they ship.... is that what you have ? Do you know if it can be bought separately ? from Roxio, or other sources..?
  2. NMGuy

    EasyCap Video Capture with Creator 2009

    YES, actually I have. None of the drivers I've found through Google, the Mfg web site, or anywhere else work..... Yes, I've already tried these drivers... I've found that there are (2) two sets of drivers, that everyone claim will work with the EasyCap on a 64 bit Vista based system. Neither set actually work. But I'm not suprised at that, the file dates of either of the driver sets range from May 2007 to Jan 2005.. THere are 1000's of posts all over the internet with people saying they have the same problem I do with the Easy Cap... but then there are just as may posting the same problem with the ADS Tech DVD Express DX2 video capture. WHAT WILL WORK with Roxio on a Vista 64 Home Premium system ???? I've seen post on the Dazzle, that's packaged with Roxio, with the same problems... 64 bit drivers either don't work, or are a problem..
  3. I have an EasyCap USB video capture. I was able to install and use it with XP, but can not get it to install in Visat 32 or 64. Does anyone use the EasyCap, and have Vista drivers that actually work for using it with Creator 2009 ???????????