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  1. Cool. Thanks for the info. I guess the easiest thing will be to just ask for a refund of Popcorn since I want to keep Toast.
  2. Well, for some reason it now works. Weird. Thanks for your help, both here and the other thread. I found out after I bought Toast that there is an upgrade price of $70 for owners of Popcorn. Since this option was not publicized anywhere on Roxio's site (at least not in a easy to find place) do you think Roxio will refund me the difference? Or how about simply returning Popcorn? And if they won't refund any of my money, do you know if it's possible to unregister your license and sell it to someone else?
  3. After discovering that Popcorn 3 won't allow you to edit video, I dropped another $100 for Toast 10. But I still can't edit video transferred from TiVo. When I click on the "Edit" button next to a TiVo source, I get the same window I got in Popcorn (which only allows you to edit the text) rather than the window I get with other video sources that has 2 tabs - Text & Video. The window I get with TiVo videos has an edit button, but clicking it brings the error message "Toast Video Player. This application requires Toast 10 Titanium in order to run on your system." Any ideas of what's going on or how to fix it? More importantly, is it even possible to edit video from TiVo or has that been specifically disabled? Please help - I've spent $150 and still can't do the one thing that I bought the software for in the first place.
  4. Shane32

    Bookmarks (chapter markers)

    Popcorn is advertised as being able to insert Bookmarks that allow you to skip through video on your iPod or other device, but I can't find the word "bookmark" anywhere in the documentation. How does one use this feature if in fact it actually exists?
  5. Shane32

    Editing video before burning to DVD?

    Thanks for the reply. I guess I wasted $50 on Popcorn and should have bought Toast to begin with. Do you (or anyone else) know if there is anything Popcorn can do that Toast can't?
  6. Shane32

    Editing video before burning to DVD?

    Is it possible to edit video (trim beginning/ending, edit out commercials) in Popcorn before burning to DVD? How about video transferred from TiVo? I keep seeing posts describing how to do this in Toast and since it was my understanding that Popcorn is essentially the video side of Toast, I was thinking that I would be able to do this in Popcorn as well. If Popcorn can't do this, can Toast?