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    "Data Fork, -36" I/O Error - Toast Titanium 7.01

    I just filmed an event at a club last night - about 80 minutes of HDV footage captured as 126 smaller clips of various lengths. I have captured everything to my LaCie 1TB external hard drive using final cut pro. The promoters of the event would like the raw files (uncompressed HDV) delivered on several data DVDs so they can bring the footage into their system and edit it themselves. However, when trying to burn these data DVDs in Toast Titanium 7.01, some files are showing the following error: "File could not be accessed. Data Fork, -36" Then I hit OK and another pop-up reads: "Can't complete the last command because there was an I/O error (your disc may be copy-protected). Result Code = - 36" The result of this is I am then left with a half-recorded DVD that my computer doesn't recognize and I can't eject without rebooting my system. These files are obviously not copy protected because I shot them myself last night. Any ideas why some of these files are giving me problems? Could they be corrupted? Any ideas how to fix this problem without having to recapture? thanks! P.S. I would appreciate solutions that don't include criticizing this ridiculously inefficient post-path. This is just what they want.