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  1. To Sknis: yes I do get pop up screen,but in auto detect in the pop up window there are no scenes but the counter above add scene is moving as if you pushed the play button but no physical scenes are in the box. but I can stop the counter in add scene and a physical scene will appear in the pop up window as many times as I hit add scene.But as Myguggi

    suggested I think I will just do it manually. Thanks to all for the help Trow

  2. I used the output to create video file like you said it said file production 1.mp4,after it was done went back to videowave and tried again to scene detect,the pop up didn't come back, the counter was running but no videos came up just the running of the counter in the media selector box. I tried it manually and I can put as many scenes as I want,and they show up in media selector box ?. Thanks Trow