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    Removing Single Black Frames

    Thanks. 40+ hours would be worth it if the originals were better quality or the content was really special but these home movies from the late 80s and early 90s that I am transferring to digital are never going to look real good anyway.
  2. jhammers

    Removing Single Black Frames

    Ah yes. That works. Thanks. It is a horribly manual process though. I might just give up and keep the black frames (dropouts) in the production. It will take me hours to sift them out this way.
  3. jhammers

    Removing Single Black Frames

    It won't let me do this either. Videowave won't let me do a split either side of one frame. There must be a limit on the minimum number of frames in single Panel...
  4. jhammers

    Removing Single Black Frames

    The trouble is these black frames are only one frame long and so are too small for scene detection. Yes I see them as dropouts on the VHS player.
  5. I have converted an old VHS-C collection to digital using Roxio Creator 2011 "Capture Video". Now I am trying to clean them up and producing DVD versions using "Video Wave". In each converted file there are these black frames - just 1 every few seconds. I want to remove them or replace them with either the preceding frame or the next frame. This will make the movies cleaner without the flashing I am seeing now. However I can't see how to do it either automatically (preferably) or manually if necessary. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. jhammers

    Printing Labels Directly On a DVD

    Thank you! I found the post for Creator 2009. refer to: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=47276 The only difference for Creator 2010 is that the path to the template files is now C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roxio Shared\12.0\Label Creator 11\Page Files. For anyone else with an HP photosmart Premium C309a the following custom jwp template file worked for me: [Page Description] /* Internationalize everything after name = (that line only)*/ Name= stringRef:HPC309c Paper Height = 12 Paper Width = 12 Number of Views = 1 ; 1 for print directly to disc Print Type = 1 [View Info 1] View Type = Disc [Disc Info 1] Offset = 6.42 6.42 Inner Radius = 1.9 Outer Radius = 5.80
  7. I am trying to use Roxio Label Creator (in Creator 2010) to print directly to a inkjet printable DVD using an HP C309a inkjet printer. It does not work as it seems to expect to print a label on paper. I no the printer works as I can print to the DVD tray using other software. Any ideas?
  8. jhammers

    Add Photo/Video - no video :-(

    Ok - Here's the Nvidia selections for my hardware - Looks about right already... Ambient Occlusion: Off Anisotropic Filtering: Application Controlled Antialiasing - Gamma Corrections: On Antialiasing - Mode: Application Controlled Antialiasing - Transparency: Off Conformat Texture Damp: Use Hardware Error Reporting: Off Extension Limit: Off Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames: 3 Multi-Display/Mixed-GPU Acceleration: Multiple Display Performance Mode Texture Filtering - Allow Texture Filtering - High Performance Threaded Optimization: Auto Triple Buffering: Off Vertical Sync: Use the 3D Application Settings
  9. jhammers

    Add Photo/Video - no video :-(

    Oh no. That's even worse. (But thanks for the clarification) Where do you think I can go from here to fix it?
  10. jhammers

    Add Photo/Video - no video :-(

    Steve, Thanks for the fast reply! Maybe my problem is because I am using a 1000 year old version.... Anyway I had already tried updating the NVIDIA drivers and also Direct X to no avail. However changing to software rendering did the trick. Although I don't like this workaround as I guess it is going to slow things down a lot. Should I take this up with Roxio or Nvidia I wonder? This what Nvidia control reports: [Display] Processor: Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (2400 MHz) Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate, 32-bit (Service Pack 2) DirectX version: 10.0 GPU processor: GeForce 8500 GT Driver version: 190.62 Stream processors: 16 Core clock: 459 MHz Shader clock: 918 MHz Memory clock: 333 MHz (666 MHz data rate) Memory interface: 128-bit Total available graphics memory: 2046 MB Dedicated video memory: 512 MB System video memory: 0 MB Shared system memory: 1534 MB Video BIOS version: IRQ: 16 Bus: PCI Express x16
  11. I just bought Creator 1010 pro to edit some holiday videos. However whenever I add video to a Videowave production it does not display it. I can hear the audio track but not see the video which displays a blue color screen in the preview window. I tried adding a few different format videos including WMV and MPEG in case my target one was corrupted. Same thing for all. My PC is a Windows Vista, NVidia 8500GT graphics card, 4 GB of memory, 2.40GHz Q6600 processor. Can anyone help?