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    Capture Audio From Sound Card On My Dell Computer

    listening to say beatle brunch online I want to capture the sound that is being played on the internet. when I go to capture audio from video card I can't get the sound levels to move they do nothing. I somehow have new choses now in my capture from box of 1 What u hear 2 Digital in 3 spdif out 4 speakers 5 Digital Audio all followed by creative sb xfi this is new choses since my sound had crashed. I just get no sound when I try to record. no crashes no error messages. the souce is just the internet or the sound coming from the computer thanks again for your help
  2. I have Roxio creator 2012 i have a dell xps 8300 I have windows 7 home premium and a creative sb x-fi sound card. I can not get the caoture audio from sound card to work. any one that can help it will make me very happy. Thanks in advance