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    My DVD encoding random black images

    So here I am with more information I went through all the images that were blacked out during the encoding process and when I double clicked them I could see the image, and then I did the quick fix, for some pictures it fixed the issue but for a dozen it did nothing. I even resized the source picture to down size it in 800*600 and no luck. I then tried to redo the entire project with Video Wave and the problem is showing up. But I found a workaround, I went back to edit the movie from My DVD, and there is an icon called "OUTPUT AS", so I went through there by making specific selections for DVD playback and it created an MPEG of my movie including all the photos with all transitions and some clips I had in there. The result was perfect, and I created a new project with that MPEG file, burned it, works well. It's just too bad that Roxio has this uncool bug in the software during encoding. I have spent many hours troubleshooting a feature that should have worked in the 1st place. What good does it make to build an entire project for the only purpose to burn it on DVD (The module is called My DVD) if the feature is not letting you. Thanks for your Help Sknis, it is always nice to have people in forums that want to help. Jean
  2. Jean StP

    My DVD encoding random black images

    Hi Sknis, first of all thank you for that fast reply, appreciated. When I double click on the image I see it and I will try the auto fix feature and get back to you on this one. I am almost 100% sure it is always the same pictures I burn on ISO all the time. I will get back with answers to your 1st question thank you Jean
  3. Hi everyone, I have been reading lots of topics similar to the issue I am having with Roxio Media Creator 9 "My DVD" and so far none of them are exactly the same issue. The problem is that when I start a burn of my 15 minutes diaporama project, some pictures are blacked out during encoding process, most of the pictures are encoded correctly. Troubleshooting steps : 1 - used different version Easy Media Creator 8 and 9 : same issue 2 - tried different machines : Dell Precision 390 and Dell laptop M90 using different video cards 3 - Direct x is version 9.c on both machines 4 - tried software rendering and hardware rendering : same issue 5 - tried to remove any transition effects : problem remains 6 - started project from scratch : problem remains I am not sure if this is a video related issue or picture related issue, but I have been using Roxio My DVD for some time now and most project were OK, I ran into these problems a few times with some pictures in the past but this time the issue is with 20 pictures in the project, I don't want to remove all 20 to work around this issue. Thank you Jean