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  1. I have "upgraded" to NXT Pro 7. to primarily digitize my Vinyl collection. Support has been responsive thus far. I'm hoping that the group can help. Bugs include : Tracks are not identified automatically. This creates a time consuming process of separation. Program hangs and stops responding when stopped. Problem is intermittent Now I cant even load an audio file after the program was not responding. Tags seem to identify almost all songs as recorded by Eminem. I had no idea he was that old or that prolific. Others with similar problems? Solutions? Commiseration? Its been awhile, and no responses. Support was very attentive and then after getting a look at my admin files etc, they simply dropped the ball. I threatened to try and get my money back and poof!! They were gone. The program works, sort of. The track separation doesn't work and the tags are ridiculous. I am able to digitize my vinyl but it is clunky at best. If youre out there support, you could respond and commiserate at least. Thus far this is an expensive disappointment.