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    Recordnow Music Lab 10

    I've just bought Recordnow 10 Music Lab Premier from the Roxio/Sonic website, then re-installed the updated version on my Windows XP SP2 system (albeit slowly!). When I now try to call up the program, all goes well until I try to click on anything on the program's 'welcome' page - then the program freezes and I'm told it's 'not responding'. Trying then to close the program is not easy, but is possible. Other programs that happen to be open at the time may also be difficult to close too. I've tried installing after cleaning up the registry of all Sonic and Roxio files (as recommended by them in one of their website articles), and I've also installed the recommended PXEngine 4_18_16a.exe update. Your problem sounds similar to mine. It's now late September - your problem was posed in February. did you get it sorted? Roxio are slow to respond to my problem, although I have been given a ticket number by them. Any help would be appreciated.