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  1. Thanks! I hate to have to ask, but, how do I run a repair??? I forgot to mention, I tried using the Copy and Convert Video, the conversion was kinda slow but did produce a file and Videowave wouldn't open the converted file either???
  2. I have 5 cameras and Videowave will not recognize any videos shot with any of the cameras. However, I can view any of them either in Windows Media Player or Quicktime. The cameras are: Sony HDR-AS100V - MP4 format NikonCoolpix S9050 - just lists as Quick Time Movie JVC GZ-V500BU - lists as AVCHD Sony HDR-CX220 - AVCHD Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19 - MP4 Here's some details. If I use My Computer to view files and right click on a video file and then click OPEN WITH, it does not give me a choice of Videowave. Further, if I open Videoaave and select the files in the media tab and go to the location I know for sure the files are, they do not show up in the media window. I have used Videowave a lot, but it's been a while and I can't remember what formats I edited. However, if I recall correctly, all of the above listed formats are purportedly supported. What's really puzzling is that My Computer indicates Videowave is not a program that can open the files. Could it be Videowave is corrupt, or am I not understanding something??? Many thanks!!!
  3. Got it! Updated the DirectX and the world running smoothly again!!! Many thanks! Ron
  4. I just downloaded and installed Creator NXT Pro and installed it. It installed with no problems at all. When I click on the desktop icon, a Roxio window comes up with all the options - anything I click on immediately gives the following message: "The program can’t start because d3dx9_33.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." I tried reinstalling the program - same result. I'm running Windows 7 Pro, solid state hard drive and 8 core processor Any ideas why nothing will run and I get this message? Many thanks for your time and help! Ron
  5. I have struggled and fussed and whinned about VW not loading the audio in .mov files. I see from posts where others have had that problem too. To get VW to load the sound from a .mov file, I've had to convert the file to an .avi format - that works but it is painfully slow - as I recall, it takes a little over 2 minutes of conversion time for every minute of video. Now I believe I have a much better way!!! I realized that the .mov format was somehow similar to an .MP4 format, so I copied a .mov (to keep the original JIC) file and then renamed it by the same filename but changed the .mov extension to .mp4. I've done that on three original .mov files that VW will not load the audio on and guess what - it worked three times! So now all I have to do is change the extension of the .mov to .mp4 and VW works - video and sound!
  6. Well, it's really not a VW problem, but since I went to this camera for it's compatibility with VW, I guess that makes this a legitimate post on Roxio Community. I'm sure you guys know cameras as well as Creator 2010. I made a video, and the sharpness was disappointing- the sound - REMARKABLE! The SX-44 has a max definition of 720x480 and an MPEG format with a CCI image device. In comparison, my helmet cam, a VIO POV 1.5, has the same resolution (720x480) in a AVI format with a CMOS image device, and seems to produce a lot sharper video. I made this video under CFL lighting and I wonder if that's part of the problem, or if there's something else going on - like the camera just doesn't make sharp videos. I guess I should say, I need a camera compatible with VW without doing format conversions, and it needs to be inexpensive. I don't really want a $500 plus camera. I don't mind the 720x480 format IF it's as good as my helmet cam. Any thoughts? Thanks much, Ron
  7. I just got tired of converting .MOVs to .AVIs. My converter took quite a while to convert them. If I had an hour or so to do some editing, a good bit of that time, if not all and then some, was spent converting videos. Even when the vids were short, it's still an extra step and I was winding up with two vids - the original and the converted one. It just didn't make sense to continue in that direction. I haven't used the Sony yet, but I'm eager to discover my new set of problems that come with it. A big thanks to all that have offered suggestions; maybe I can quit hassling you with my probs now . Thanks, Ron
  8. Wow - Gary, As they say, "It's a small world." I was raised in Knoxville, graduated from UT, now live in Chattanooga - why I can almost see you from here! A colleague and good friend, that retired last year, lives in Maryville. My next door neighbor's name is Gary and grew up in Maryville and his parents still live there. Anyway, thanks for the help. The Aiptek is a good camera at a good price, but their .mov format is a pain to use in VW. Works good in QT though. The conversion has worked pretty good for me - it just takes sooo long, but it does give me the sound. But when I shot some video with my present Aiptek camera (1080p) somehow I had it on the 60fps and when I converted the 260Mb .mov file, I wound up with a 14GB .avi file - that's right 14GB! I also use a helmet cam with a resolution of 720x480 .avi and that res really looks pretty good on YouTube and DVDs. VW works great with them too. If you come up with anything I'd sure appreciate it; I'm in a bit over my head here. I'd like to buy the camera right away, but not if it's gonna be a lot of trouble to edit etc. Thanks, Ron
  9. Here are the issues: I need a camcorder, preferrably with an optical zoom and an external mic input. The Aiptek GVS for about $199 does this, but it has a .mov format, and like my other Aiptek camcorder with a .mov format, Creator 2010 VideoWave displays the video fine, but no sound. I've seen other posts of people having this problem. So I have to convert .movs to .avi (or mpeg) to get sound and audio for the clip in VideoWave. It takes a looooong time for the conversion. The Aiptek GVS has the following resolutions: HD: 30f - 1440x1080 pixels HD: 60f - 1280x720 pixels WVGA: 60f(DVD) 848x480 pixels Most of my efforts are for Youtube or DVD so I don't know that I really need super high resolution, plus, I would think a conversion involving 1440x1080 would take forever. I have had some problems in VW with the 60f speed - it just shows up black Since the WVGA is for a DVD it is likely interlaced and I have no idea what VW would do with that. What are your thoughts? Thanks once again, Tangle
  10. I'll give it a try and get back to you - Thanks!!! Ron
  11. Hey thanks d_d. Sorry to be so slow to respond to your thoughtful suggestions, but yes I tried renaming them back to the orginal "FILE0001.AVI" and got exactly the same results - this is very exasperating. I tried re-shooting and didn't like the results nearly as well as what I lost. Just to be thorough, I'll check to make sure whether the file extension is there or not. It probably is because the 'corrupt' files will still run in Windows Media Player, but get this, they won't play in the camera, or in VW. What have I done!
  12. This weekend hasn't been my best weekend for computer stuff. I've been trying to get on line for two hours; I think my provider is having some problems. I replied to you twice and each time I clicked the Add Reply button I had once again lost my connection. But... Great idea sknis! I tried both underline and dashes - neither worked, but it was a clever thought. I'm afraid my longer 'renames' have corrupted some kind of identifier/definition header in the file. I sure would like to retrieve the vids though, but I'm at a loss at the moment as to how to do that. You can be sure I've learned one thing though - I won't ever rename a file on the camera's memory card! If anything else comes to mind, I'd sure appreciate hearing it! Thanks much, Ron
  13. Reluctantly I started a new thread so I could indicate in the thread title that I may have found the problem. I defraged my hard drive; I uninstalled and reinstalled Creator 2010 and got the very same results I had before. However this morning, in desparation, I fired up VW to see how it would respond to previously created projects (productions) and earlier videos - guess what, it worked perfectly, well as perfectly as VW works. Here's what I think happened. I wanted implicative titles on the video clips rather than FILE00001.AVI etc. I pulled the memory card from my camera, plugged it into my card reader, which of course behaves just like a flash drive, and I renamed them to like "Sloped rope entry discussion" right on the memory card. I figured that be less confusing than having one name on the camera memory card and another on my hard drive. It is quite interesting that it is those very videos that won't load into VW, and confusing because Windows Media Player has no problem with them at all???? And BTW, the camera can't play the renamed videos either! So I can't be sure about this until I re-shoot the videos, but since that's the first time I've tried that and it caused a problem, I think that's very likely gonna prove to be the problem. It's sad that I had some really nice clips and I won't be able to edit them. Even a conversion to another format didn't fix the problem. As they say, "Live and learn". So the lesson here is, don't rename files on the camera's memory card. Thoughts????
  14. VideoWave becomes totally non-responsive. I can't close it; I can't operate any controls. I have to use the CTRL-ALT-DEL to terminate it through the Task Manager. Interestingly the icons in the Media Selector Window of VideoWave don't have the normal look. The videow are listed by name, but the icons don't 'fill-in' the way they normally do. Last time I tried it, I waited about an hour and a half. They exceed Roxio requirments and Roxio has been worked fine for months and I've edited a lot of videos using it. The videos are from about 6 minutes to about 45 minutes in length. I have 75 Giga-Bytes free on my hard drive. I haven't defragged my hard drive in a while, but let's remember that any of the videos that lock up VW, run fine on Windows Media Player and QuickTime player. Not unless it runs automatically - I've never run one. Thanks guys - I need all the help I can get! Oh, yeah, I don't know if this adds anything or not, but if I click on a video and choose VW to open it, VW opens and then gives an error message that it can't open the file and suggests the file is corrupted. But when I choose Windows Media Player for the very same file, it plays flawlessly.
  15. This is the second time this has happened. I fire up VideoWave, start a new production, just like always, and as soon as I click on a video from the media selector, VideoWave locks up. So far I have: 1- restarted the computer - that did nothing. 2- ran the repair program from my CD - that did nothing 3- downloaded an update - that did nothing. 4- scanned my computer for viruses, etc. and none were found. All the videos that lock up VideoWave, load and run fine with Windows Media Player. I'm about to the point of having to uninstall Creator 2010 and reinstall it. Anybody know, or have any thoughts about what's going on here? Thanks much, Ron