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    5.1 Music DVDs

    I had no dice at all with the 5-channel AC3s, no matter whether I was burning them to CD or DVD they got squashed. The 5.1 WAVs do indeed work fine, and are the only way I was able to get toast to burn a 5.1 channel CD. In fact I am listening to a surround CD I've just burned and it sound great. But it just doesn't seem to work with the music DVD option, even though my files are pre-encoded with the 5 channels + LFE, in both WAV and AC3 formats.
  2. megatom

    5.1 Music DVDs

    Before I learned how to transcode my AC3 files to the necessary Dolby Digital/Wav files, I tried the option+drop technique to no avail. However, now that I came across BeSweet and am using it in Virtual PC to create the multichannel Wav files, keeping toast from squashing the 5.1 signal into Stereo is a non-issue. So now the problem is no longer preserving the 5.1 surround, but rather to find a way for it to be read from a burned music DVD instead of a CD. As it stands right now: Surround sound CD = no problem, but surround sound music DVDs = non-decoded digital noise.
  3. megatom

    5.1 Music DVDs

    Howdy, all.... hopefully one of you can help me with this little project I'm undertaking. Right now I'm trying to make a music DVD of several albums in 5.1 surround sound. I already mastered the art of creating a CD with Dolby surround sound and I have my audio files in 5.1 Wav/Dolby Digital format, so no additional encoding should be necessary for their part (I think!?). The problem I'm having is with putting these audio files onto a music DVD. For whatever reason, during playback of the DVD they are not recognized as being the Dolby Digital files they are and the only thing to be heard is disgusting bursts of white noise. Now I've been reading over a few posts regarding other bugs with the Music DVD function, so I'm wondering if someone can point me in a direction to completing this.