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    No Audio

    After more than a week of back and forth with Roxio support, the final solution was an upgrade to Toast 10. Nothing else worked.
  2. jleyser

    No Audio

    Same problem here. Please post here if you find the solution -- I'll do the same.
  3. jleyser

    BETA2 launches, then crashes

    On a whim, I tried emptying out my TiVo Recordings folder -- and now I'm up and running! Hooray me!
  4. Popcorn 3.0.3, Snow Leopard, MacBookPro I just bought Popcorn 3, specifically for the TiVo to Go features (which I've been using for years from my Windows machine.). Found and upgraded to BETA2. BETA2 launches, displays the menus across the top, thinks for about 15 seconds (without opening any windows showing me my TiVos), and then crashes. I've got a TiVo series 2 & a TiVo series 3 in the house. Both are visible & accessible from my Windows Box using TiVo Desktop. Any help appreciated!