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    Same problem as Cathy. Roxio sees my network printer but will not print. I have an Artisan 810. I can print from anything else but not Roxio.
  2. richschach

    Video Effects In Video Wave

    It looks like the whole picture is on fire, not the car. The example used to sell the product only shows the fire coming out the gas tank and behind the car. This is absolutely useless and I paid 40 dollars for something like this. If you cannot place the fire at the appropriate place like is shown in the advertisement that is false advertising. Why didn't they show a picture of a car with the ground and the sky burning? Why, because they wouldn't sell their product. Exactly what I would expect to happen is the same as in the sample. There has to be a better answer than what you just gave me. I spend a lot of money on Roxio products.
  3. richschach

    Video Effects In Video Wave

    I just purchased the nature effects plug-in for video effects in 2010 video wave. The sample shown regarding fire shows a car with fire coming out the gas tank and the rest appears to be coming out the back. How do you get this effect? No instructions what so ever except to click on effect. When I do this it shows fire over my entire picture. This is useless. Do you have a step by step procedure on how to do this?