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  1. Okay Elaine,


    I'm glad you've got it working for you. The 30-minute one bears looking at, though. There are still many questions unanswered there.


    Is it an error in that file which is causing a problem with MyDVD 5, or just the duration and a heat buildup?

    Is the other software completing because it doesn't work the CPU so hard, and therefore there isn't so much of a heat buildup? Who knows?


    I hope the checkup doesn't show something serious with the machine.




    As well as the suggestions already made I'd also suggest looking at your system settings for switching into standby.

  2. I have been really happy with the Canon HV20. HDV that uses tape. There are arguments for and against tape systems. I still haven't warmed up to AVCHD format. Still too many issues editing, etc. Some manufacturers don't publish the bitrate of camcorders so it varies to quality. I always consider 'last years' models, too, which are usually heavily discounted.


    I'd go for a model that records on a HDD if possible or maybe tape,


    I've used a VHS-C model from Panasonic, and currently have 1xHi-8, 1xDigital-8 & 1x30Gb HDD model from Sony, and 1xMiniDv model from Panasonic. The Hi-8 camcorder I have doesn't have a digital connection so it's a pain the .... to get the footage onto the computer. The HDD camcorder I have isn't top of the line but it seems to do the trick for most of the stuff I do and transfering "footage" to the computer is a lot faster than using firewire/i.link or a video capture card.