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    Convert for You Tube

    Have a look here first, which explains things from Youtube's perspective.
  2. It sounds like something has been messed up somehow. You might to repair or reinstall your copy of the software. It is also possible that you need to upgrade some part of your computer (e.g. memory), but don't worry too much about that just yet until you've checked out the repair/reinstall option. Feel free to let the forum know how you get on.
  3. Lisati

    MyDVD software wont start

    If you go down the "reinstall" path, it might be a good idea to uninstall any old version(s) first, to help avoind confusing your system.
  4. Lisati

    Interesting info on DirectX history

    Ah, the change over from MS-DOS to Windows and the need for a new set of tools..... (sigh)
  5. Lisati

    Credit Card Purchase

    Just a thought: some sites don't work well with debit cards, even though you put in the correct information and there's plenty of funds available.
  6. Lisati

    Burning Issue

    As well as the suggestions already made I'd also suggest looking at your system settings for switching into standby.
  7. Lisati

    Camcorder suggestions?

    I'd go for a model that records on a HDD if possible or maybe tape, I've used a VHS-C model from Panasonic, and currently have 1xHi-8, 1xDigital-8 & 1x30Gb HDD model from Sony, and 1xMiniDv model from Panasonic. The Hi-8 camcorder I have doesn't have a digital connection so it's a pain the .... to get the footage onto the computer. The HDD camcorder I have isn't top of the line but it seems to do the trick for most of the stuff I do and transfering "footage" to the computer is a lot faster than using firewire/i.link or a video capture card.