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    Exporting Using Compressor?

    no i did not find a solution. I am currently trying to work with roxio support help to figure it out. i even bought another product to think it would solve my issue, still nothing.
  2. Peezy

    Toast Flimsy 10 crashes so much

    ok so I love Toast and its products, but if its not as heavy duty as i was hoping it was then im beginning to rethink my position. now this can be human error or my computer performance issue (i doubt). My computer info: Dual 2.3 Ghz PowerPC G5 Last Model 06 5.5 GB DDR2 SDRAM Western Digital 500 GB HDD / WDC WD5001AALS-00L382 My issue. So I am using VHS to DVD for mac product, after the video is done encoding it creates a .MPG file That i place into Toast 10 to convert into MPEG 4 file. Settings for the file converting: MPEG-4 Quality: High Frame Rate 29.97 Key Frame Rate 14 Size: 640x480 Audio is normal settings After I hit convert button everything seems fine for a half hour. Then all of the sudden Toast 10 Crashes on me. Why?
  3. Peezy

    Exporting Using Compressor?

    So this is still an issue for me (reference image above). I actually tried the software on my laptop and got the same interlacing issues as on my Power PC G5. At first I thought it was VHS Deck causing the interference, so I tried another deck. Same issues. Then I tried a ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link instead of the roxio device and the problem went away, except now i have drop frames. long story short, it has to be the actual Roxio VHS capture device causing this interference. right?? maybe in the world of technology, I just bought a lemon? Either way, Im still using the Roxio device because its not that hard to remove the interlacing (long process, but easy). All im doing is converting the MPG files Roxio creates into MOV files using Toast 10. Now it does lowers the quality, but come on... its vhs tapes. The Part I hate is the fact that I send the MOV files to Final Cut Pro to edit, then I have to Export the MOV files again. So long story short my original mpg files Roxio program creates has to be encoded twice just to remove the interlacing and also to export after im done editing. if any one has something a little more easier let me know.
  4. Peezy

    Exporting Using Compressor?

    I will try one of the USB ports in the back of my G5. But if this continues...
  5. Peezy

    Exporting Using Compressor?

    this is what i see when i open the program.... imageshack
  6. Peezy

    Exporting Using Compressor?

    Well I am Using Gold Tip RCA Component cables connected to a Panasonic, Omnivision VHS deck. 4 head.hifi stereo. Also it is a combo player with a DVD side with progressive scan. all this connected to the Roxio device thats plugged into the front USB port of my G5
  7. I would want to ask a more simpler question. After you Capture, using Roxio Vhs to DVD program. What is the best Way/Setting to export to DVD studio Pro So I would like to start off by commenting on my current issue. This is my first week using Roxio VHS to DVD USB device and durign capture, it was a great little tool that offers a lot. My current issue is what to do with the video after the Programs done encoding the file to .MPG . I open the Video in Quicktime and there is some interlacing issues with the video. example would be if there is fast movement in the video you would see black strip lines. now i know there is a setting in Compressor that would remove this. So instead of trying to compress 4 different project I thought i would just ask. thanks for any information.