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  1. Looked for the folder you mentioned and there is nothing there. Did a search for the Tivo Recordings and there is only one folder on the computer and that is empty? Regards
  2. Have followed your advice with almost total success. Thanks 1. Both series 3 Tivos are found and ALL the programs are now listed. 2. The only thing that has happened that I don't believe should have, is that it is now telling me I have NO Tivo recordings in my library, when I had about thirty. So not sure where they all went. However, in the Toast playlist in my Itunes those same recordings are there. However they have disappeared from the folder in my finder? If you have any advice on this it would be appreciated, but thanks again for making the Tivo Transfer work for me. Regards Philip
  3. LAryter

    Series 3 tivos Toast 9 and nothing working

    Nothing happens...funny though, the word "that" gets more hits than any other...I guess because a lot of the "content" descriptions contains the word "that". To get rid of the found content I have to go to the other Tivo and then return to this one for a new search.
  4. Like others my tivo transfer is now worthless. I have downloaded the beta2 fix and the following is what I see. I have Toast 9 titanium. It registers that I have two tivo 3's connected wirelessly to my network. On one it "seems" to recognize some of the shows that are recorded. It will register in the top box what is probably the last show recorded, but there is nothing shown in the main box. Then, it will pull up some episodes if I put in a "key" word...but it will not provide me with the full line up of tivo shows recorded. This is very hit or miss as sometimes it recognizes a keyword for the title of one show but then doesn't pull up all of those shows, even though the title is obviously the same for all the episodes of that show. It will not recognize any of the shows on the other Tivo 3 even though it recognizes the Tivo itself. It used to recognize that Tivo totally (it was the other Tivo that I was having problems with), but now that I have downloaded the Beta2 fix, it has decided not to recognize this Tivo. When it did recognize it, I had no problems at all. Even though you have noted that we shouldn't be told "there is no help for Snow Leopard", I have been told this on countless case notes that you can check into. I bought Toast 9 for it's Tivo Transfer and it is unacceptable that now it won't work. How long will it be that a non beta (since this doesn't seem to be solving my issues) is released. Your product is a great one, now I just need it to work Thanks