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  1. barbieri, Wow! I started this thread five years ago and still getting posts! To be honest I have used this since Roxio purchased the program from SilverStar. Jim
  2. Understand, I have no desire to use the Roxio online junk - none at all. All I wanted to do was to continue using Photoshow Deluxe as I always had: Creating slideshows, sending them to family members, posting them online at one of my own web pages. As for Roxio's online subscription, no thanks. Don’t want any part of it. I am just ditching Photoshow altogether. Roxio apparently has messed it up, as they have with most products they have acquired. Jim
  3. Mary Jane, Thank you for this very informative reply. No, no one did explain any of that to me. And that includes the one that replied to me earlier, purporting to know it all about this. He/she said: And you say that I cannot email shows? Nor add more than 24 photos? One of you is wrong, it would seem. I can burn them to DVD - can't imagine why emailing that file wouldn't work. And the limit of 24 photos? I haven't seen that. I'll have to try it again now. I'll post back after I try a few of these things. Thank you. Jim
  4. Photoshow Deluxe 5 was released in February 2007 by SimpleStar, the company that Roxio acquired. If Roxio isn't offering it - and I can't think of any reason that they would considering that they have created a wholly different business model for the software - then it is probably not available anywhere. Hmm... I take that back - looks like a seller at Amazon Marketplace has a boxed version for sale. Though I don’t think you would be able to register it. Jim
  5. Great! Sounds good, malatekid. The reason I stopped for a while was that the situation was in flux during the ownership switch from SimpleStar to Roxio. At that time no one here in the forum seemed to have a decent handle on what was going on, how the software would change, etc. Plus there seemed to be a fair number of users who could no longer burn DVDs after the automatic Updates from Roxio had been applied. As I mentioned in my first post above, rather than fight with it at all, I decided to block the update for the time being until everything shook out; until the future of the application was a little clearer to me. I figured that things had probably been resolved one way or another by now and that I would check in and see whether I still had an excellent slideshow application, or it had been changed beyond what I would care to use. Sounds like all is resolved and I'm good to go! Thanks for the help! Jim
  6. Hi folks. Before I open, update, and go through a lot trying to continue creating slideshows and burning them to DVD, I figured it might be prudent to ask a few questions here first. I don’t know but maybe I'll need to contact support. I initially purchased Photoshow Deluxe 4, the DVD Burning add-on, and all available Theme packs three years ago directly from SimpleStar. (Well, actually I first owned the so-called "Elite" version from Nero, which turned out NOT to be very elite at all!) Phtotshow Deluxe 4 worked very well for me, and in Feb. 2007 I upgraded to Photoshow Deluxe 5 and purchased another Theme pack which had been added. So I now own Photoshow Deluxe 5, the DVD Burning add-on, and all Theme packs available. I haven't used the program much, though, since Roxio purchased SimpleStar. Roxio was pushing out unannounced updates and there was no "changes" page where I could see what the update did. At the same time there were several threads from users in similar situations who could no longer burn DVD's with their SimpleStar software. So I decided to just shut it down here and wait to see what was happening with it. Today I received an email from Roxio that said former SimpleStar users had to "renew" their Premium subscriptions. Yikes! I thought at first that the message was that I could no longer use my Photoshow Deluxe unless I paid a ransom to Roxio. Turns out that message is for, I believe, users who had purchased an annual subscription for online features from Simplestar. I never subscribed to that service, so hopefully I am not affected by the renewal notice. What I would like to know is the following: Can I use my current version of Photoshow Deluxe 5 and all the Theme packs along with the DVD Burning Add-on? Without a subscription to Roxio Online? If so, is there any further action I must take to be able to use it? (E.g., different serial number, download anything else?) If not, why not? What is required for me to again use my Photoshow Deluxe 5, DVD Add-on, and Theme Packs? Finally, is a subscription to Roxio Online required in order to use any of the features of Photoshow Deluxe or its add-ons? Nothing against Roxio's annual subscription plan, but I just don’t use the online sharing features; I didn't use them with SimpleStar either. Thanks for any and all assistance you can offer! Jim
  7. jcmcgowan

    Re: New Website For Making Photoshows On Line

    I don't know if the Photoshow update has any - SimpleStar wasn't into those. That's what I want to know - because Roxio has a penchant for them. Easy Media Creator sure does! Do you have any other Roxio products installed? If so, and you have manually disabled services, then surely you saw them. Jim
  8. jcmcgowan

    Re: New Website For Making Photoshows On Line

    Sorry David, but - no. Not until I know what the update includes. Roxio has a long-standing habit of installing intrusive services on users' computers that run all the time, needlessly taking up both CPU and memory resources. If you would be so kind as to list all of the changes contained in the update, I may reconsider. For example, does it install a new service in Windows? Any process that wants to run all the time in the background? Any "phone home" attributes? Anything that will attempt to open any ports on my computer? Without knowing what it does, I will continue running Photoshow as is. Thanks! Jim fireenhancer, Still doesn't answer any questions for me. What is it that you are trying to tell me with these links? About Vista issues? If so, what makes you think I am running Vista? Should I point you to posts where similar issues are plaguing users running XP? As for the update, see my reply above to David. I do not allow any stealth updates to install on my computers. I purchased the hardware and I will darned well know and approve what is installed on it. No updates without prior knowledge of its existence and exactly what it is - and why it is needed: For my benefit? Or the developer's benefit? Anyone who blindly allows such updates is either not that tech-knowledgeable or doesn't care about the risk involved. Thanks! Jim
  9. jcmcgowan

    Re: New Website For Making Photoshows On Line

    @firenhancer: Not sure why you think that provides any clarity. Just take a look at the first page of this forum; it is filled with users posting of various issues burning DVDs. Both Vista and XP. Also, someone posted about there being a limit to the number of DVDs that can be burned. Never was originally when I purchased my license. Nor was I ever told I would be required to go to their web site in order to create shows, export them, etc. I notice now that as soon as I open Photoshow Deluxe 5 a "required update" tried to install. Oddly though, I have not received any explanation of exactly what that "update" is for, what it consists of. That's not right at all. I refused to download it, but it downloaded anyway. Now it is quarantined, as will all future "updates" that I am not made aware of. Ignorant, to try to force such crap onto my machine! Jim
  10. jcmcgowan

    Re: New Website For Making Photoshows On Line

    Long time registered Photoshow Deluxe user. I haven't tried to burn a DVD with Photoshow recently, and I won't just to test this supposedly new Roxio policy. I will attempt to burn a Photoshow DVD again when I need one. Hopefully it will still work as it always has. I have read through my license (SimpleStar EULA for PhotoShow Deluxe) and it makes no mention whatsoever of a limit to the number of DVDs that are permitted to be burned. The only requirement stated is that the user must have the Home "DVD add-on" and a DVD burner. No other restrictions are mentioned. I have also scanned through the Roxio web site and can find no EULA that supersedes the SimpleStar agreement. If one is released that places restrictions on the software that did not exist at the time of my purchase, then I will request a full refund for the application. Jim
  11. jcmcgowan

    Appreciation When It's Due

    I moderate at a few forums now, and have administered my own in the recent past, so I am familiar with the ups and downs! You do have to remember that most who visit a user or support forum are doing so because they are having a problem of some sort, and they are usually pretty frustrated by the time they arrive. Especially if they have just tried "speaking" with Roxanne! Very few ever visit just to chat. Any venom built up is often directed at whomever tries to direct them in a way that either is not successful for them, or is something they have already tried. So it is often a thankless deed you perform. But it can also be reqarding. Depends on just how well that water runs down your back! And the thickness of your skin. Keep on truckin'!!
  12. jcmcgowan

    Appreciation When It's Due

    Likewise... Thanks to all!
  13. jcmcgowan

    Drag-To-Disc Cannot Find Resource? Conflict?

    Yes, plus I review all messages filtered to a junk mail folder. This one did get to me, though. My ISP has a spam filter, "enterprise version". Used to be Brightmail but I'm not certain that's what they use now. So that is a possibility. Although I never missed the multitude of promotional messages that Sonic/Roxio occasionally blankets us with! Thanks for the tought, though!
  14. jcmcgowan

    Creator 8 Failure to recognise recordable media

    I have noticed this also - or something similar. If I am preparing to burn an audio CD, and I already have the blank CDR in the drive, EMC8 - the Music Creator - asks me to insert a blank disk. I usually end up removing the CD and then placing it back in the burner when EMC8 asks for it. Then it works. However if I wait to insert the disc till after Roxio tells me to insert the disk, it picks it up right away. It's as if the program doesn't know to look at the CD if it is already in the burning drive when you try to burn. Wasn't always like this. It may be that the 8.05 update caused this, but I cannot remember exactly when it started. It certainly can be bad media. I'm presently looking at a cake stack of 100 Ritek 8X DVD's with about 90 left on the stack. All 10 I have burned thus far will work only on a PC - but not, however on any stand-alone DVD player that I have tried. And I have made literally hundreds of burns using the same type of Ritek media. Ritek had been near perfect for me until this stack. But I tried burns using several different burning applications and the result has been the same. Hone digital video authored DVD's amd movie DVD backups. Doesn't mean that Ritek is bad media; just means that this batch was bad. So I am using these disks only for data files now, as I would only use them on the PC. Happens to the best of 'em!
  15. jcmcgowan

    D2D tale

    Also, for all interested, Google has owned up to a conflict caused by Picasa - versions 2.2 and particularly the latest 2.5 with Web albums. See my post here. It doesn't affect all, but quite a few of us.