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    Hi, newbie type here, please be gentle!

    OK mate, thanks for the advice. I wouldn't have bought it as it says on the disc under sonic- XP. There are several vendors selling the disc with the two progs on & they look pukka!!! Looks as though I will have to read my non existent Vista manual. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Dave
  2. David Boyd

    Hi, newbie type here, please be gentle!

    Thanks for the reply. First point is that I haven't got the installation disc yet, I have seen them for sale on ebay with Sonic Digital Media + for XP & Roxio Easy Media Creator for XP & Vista on the same disc. I mailed the seller to ask whether Sonic would load on Vista & he has just replied yes, but I am a bit dubious. I want Sonic for making up music CDs, photo storage DVDs, copying film DVDs etc I have only had Vista for 2 days & I am wading through it as the instructions are non existent. I found Sonic easy to understand & use. I made up a disc of photos yesterday,for example, & I had nothing to tell me how much room was left on disc. I know that I will get used to Vista eventually, but I just lost a lot of work when a backup disc I made before formatting went belly up & I want to get started replacing it. atb Dave
  3. As above, this is my first post & I have no idea if it is in the right section , as I couldn't find an "oldies" section! Please move it if I am wrong; When I bought my HP in 2005, it came with Sonic Digital Media + installed on it. This was XP by the way. Anyway I found it easy & convenient to use. Just upgraded to Vista (cant buy XP locally any more,) & wondered if I can put Sonic back on it? Have found Sonic discs for sale marked XP & wondered if there is a "fix" to enable this to run on Vista? Please be gentle with me as I am a 60yr old who was just getting to know my way around XP a bit, & now must start all overwith Vista!!! Cheers, Dave