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    Audio Problems

    Finally! After much hair tearing and many reinstalls etc etc etc etc, i tried the tip that Calidonia suggested. I checked the kernal (see attached file) and found I was using 64bit. So i made sure that I changed to 32bit kernal and HEY PRESTO! It works!! nil problemo! Fantastic Thank Goodness. Rather, thank Calidonia because Roxio certainly weren't that helpful and didn't have this answer!
  2. Baurice

    Compatibility with Snow Leopard

    I'm not happy either! Finally the truth is out! They really should get this sorted. I bought this program for a specific purpose and I would like my money back if it doesn't do what is says on the box!! It really is not good enough! Andrew
  3. Baurice

    No Sound

    Hi mobydoc I have same problem and tried everything suggested and a few things bedsides. BUT no luck! Check out my other posts for suggestions Cheers and good luck! Andrew BTW if you do find a solution please let me know!
  4. Baurice

    No Audio!

  5. Baurice

    Compatibility with Snow Leopard

    Hi there As per my other post it is still working with leopard but will capture audio with my macbook pro and snow leopard! The audio is received into the mac but isn't picked up by E2vd4m! There have been no successful suggestions yet! If yours works please post how Cheers Andrew
  6. Baurice

    No Audio!

    thanks patatox already tried! didn't work Cheers Andrew
  7. Baurice

    No Audio!

    Hi tsantee! Thanks for the reply Have tried different USB ports but to no avail! No combo update for SL yet but reinstalled 10.6.1 anyway. Downloaded latest E2VD4M ans reinstalled Removed all sound and roxio preferences plists Switched off. Waited. Powered up but ISQ!!!!!! Bugger as they say in NZ I'm stumped! Cheers 4 now Andrew
  8. Baurice

    No Audio!

    Update! I have just run E2D4M on my older PPC Imac running leopard and it works! So problem is somewhere between Macbook Pro, snow leopard and the EV2D4M programme. As I said in earlier post Macbook Pro has signal coming in but doesn't show up in EV2D4M! Silence is golden! (not!!!) Any help appreciated Thx in advance Andrew
  9. Baurice

    No Audio!

    Hi everyone I am using a MacBook Pro, with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz with and was happily using EV2D4M with Leopard. I upgraded to Snow Leopard hadn't tried EV2D4M but upgraded to 1.0.3 as suggested when i then EV2D4M - and have now lost audio! I have tried all suggestions so far, reinstalled 1.0.2 (no luck) then 1.0.3 (same). Problem seems to be with programme as input/source shows sound is occurring in system preferences panel when i select USB 2861 input. No output via EV2D4M. Suggestions anyone? Cheers Andrew