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  1. Purchased NXT Pro3, and after I choose my installation directory (default chosen) and click next, the installation immediately quits. Help.
  2. I ran the Windows Install Cleanup Utility and deleted the Roxio CinePlayer entry. That seemed to solve the problem, and I can still run CinePlayer from my Start menu if I want to. I still don't understand what the underlying problem is, however.
  3. I've already run through all these steps. WMP is the default program for .wav files. I've done a complete uninstall following the instructions followed by a reboot and then clean install. Same problem. Thanks.
  4. Dell XPS M1330 running Vista Home Premium SP1 I did a complete uninstall of Creator 2009 including all the steps in the link before installing Creator 2010. Same problem. Thanks.
  5. Everytime I click on a .wav file to open it in Windows Media Player, I get an error message, "Please wait while Windows configures Roxio Cineplayer. It looks for a file CP.msi. I can point it to the file, but after about 60 seconds, the configuration process ends. The next time I click on the file, same problem. I can cancel the process and the file plays normally in Media Player, but next time, the same thing happens. I had this problem with Creator 2009, and now again in Creator 2010. Suggestions? Thanks.