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  1. Try rebooting your computer. I ran into the same error message today, on a standard DVD project I'm working on in Creator 2012, when I tried to 'burn' to a folder set, which is unusual. I rebooted the PC and it's rendering fine now.
  2. You should be able to see the expand/collapse arrow to the left of 'Desktop'. Since you can't, check your DPI settings and make sure they are set to 100%
  3. Larry

    End Action Of A Video File

    Just FYI, the DVDiT software you mentioned is more of a professional or semi-professional authoring software which is why it has more complex options like that for customizing a project. Products like NXT3 [and other similar brands] are Consumer level software with more basic 'industry standard' options.
  4. Should be able to add chapter markers. I've done it in other versions for no menu projects.
  5. I believe this is more likely the product being discussed https://www.roxio.com/enu/products/dla/overview.html
  6. Larry

    Powerpoint Slides In Videowave

    Another option you can try [at least it is in Power Point v2010 ] is to open your power point presentation and do a 'File -> Save As..' and save it as a .WMV [Windows Media Video] file.
  7. You should be able to get to it from the Main page. It's labeled Burn Data Disc - Advanced [doesn't say Creator Classic ] With it opened, then go to File -> Project settings and try changing it there and see if that works for you
  8. Have you tried plugging it into a USB on the rear?
  9. Larry

    Video Looping

    Actually that is dictated by the DVD specs that the group that decides those things came up with. It has nothing to do with the Roxio [or any other DVD authoring software]. A DVD, properly authored, that does not contain menus will continuously loop the title as you've discovered.
  10. Try converting your mp3 file into a wav file and using that in your production instead.
  11. Larry

    Slideshow Manual Transitions

    I agree. I didn't understand it either until the OP's follow up post clarifying what they wanted to do
  12. Larry

    Slideshow Manual Transitions

    Sounds like you want it to behave like an old slide projector would. There is one way to do that in Creator 2012. Open MyDVD Select 'Add New Slideshow' from the menu or Menu Tasks. This will open the Slideshow Assistant. Select your photo files [Don't add background audio as it's not supported by this type project] On the next screen [see image] select DVD Projector as your transition style BTW, you can only have up to 99 'Photos' per slideshow title you add to get this to work. That's because it basically treats each photo as a chapter, which the DVD standards limit to 99 per title. When you play the DVD you'll use the 'Next' or 'Previous' chapter function of your remote to advance through the 'slides'.
  13. Larry

    Creator Nxt And Windows 8.1

    What is your 'text size' set at? Is it the 'Smaller (100%)' ? If not, change it to that and see if it helps.
  14. I don't know if Easy CD & DVD [the version that's Win 8 compatible] will open them or not. Someone with that product would have to check it like I did below. If not, the only other possibility would be to go with one of the NXT suites if that has the option. Again someone would need to verify that also as I don't have it loaded currently, only C2012, which is not Win 8 compatible. In Creator 2012, from the Home screen under Data Disc [like Brendon eluded to], it shows that it would open .ROXIO project files [i don't have any to actually try and it will only save the projects with .rox extensions]. Keep in mind also, since they are 'project' files, they don't contain any of the files you added to the project. It only contains 'pointers' to the locations of the files you included in the project, so all of the files would still need to be located in the same exact path [ C:\users\..... or whatever ] as they originally were when you saved the projects in order for it to be able to load the project and burn it. Creator 2012 screen examples This comes up listing .ROXIO when clicking on the Projects button
  15. Good to hear that helped. Thanks for letting us know.