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    How to get Dolby 5.1 audio on DVD

    I am trying to burn a DVD from a movie file containing H264 video and Dolby 5.1 audio (m4v container). The manual of toast mentions to set audio encoding to PCM to pass through Dolby audio, which I tried, as 20 and 24 bits, but none will work. The DVD simply has no audio at all. The original movie file is fully decodable with VLC. Has someone an idea how to proceed or is Toast simply not capable to handle Dolby audio ? Thanks for some feedback. Regards
  2. slacha

    Titanium Pro Audio Sync Blu-ray

    Thx, yes, 10.0.6 behaves much better. Audio to video is now 'in sync'. Problem solved ! :-)
  3. slacha

    Titanium Pro Audio Sync Blu-ray

    Same Problem on my iMAC: burned a BD (on a DL DVD) using the iMAC's superdrive. Media was a 720p60 mov file, H264 and AAC encoded. Result on disc, played on several BD players: audio out of sync by 1-2 seconds (no difference when audio re-encoded as Dolby or PCM). Is this lip-sync problem a known issue when burning BD's ? Is there a fix or workaround available ? (Rev 10.0.5)
  4. slacha

    BD burning using Toast 10

    After some successful tests burning BD content on a DVD, I would like to burn some longer movies onto BD's. All external BD drives I came across are claimed not to be MAC compatible. Does someone know which external BD burner will work with Toast ? Thx for the info. (slacha; iMAC 3GHz Intel; Snow Leopard)