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    Compatibility with Snow Leopard

    Actually I had. After a hell of long wait and not a lot of spare time, all I was told was that there was currently no update. I also took the time to the sit down and send a detailed email of the question, and concern. All of which was expressed in very appropriate language. The response: Thank you for contacting Roxio Customer Care We appreciate that you took the time to contact us. We're always glad to hear from our customers whether it be a compliment or suggestion. We have documented your feedback and will make sure that the information is passed along to the right people in our organization as necessary. Regards, Roxio Customer Care As to one of the other posted comments about not paying attention to system requirements, I would say two things. In my case I was well aware, which is why I have kept the earlier Mac OS on a bootable external drive. However, I am sure a number of customers assume a product will be supported on later system software versions, if not right away sometime in the future. Just providing a customer with a glimmer of hope down the road often instills a bit more loyalty and patience.
  2. MiaV

    Compatibility with Snow Leopard

    I think it is important to send a complaint to Roxio Support. If the complaints don't come in there isn't much incentive to update. I have. MiaV
  3. MiaV

    Compatibility with Snow Leopard

    Thanks. I plan to update my iMac with Snow Leopard. Since the roxio program works with sys 10.5.8 I will keep a copy on my external drive, which is bootable, with 10.5.8. MiaV
  4. Does anyone know whether Easy VHS to DVD for Mac is compatible with Snow Leopard? Currently runs well on my system with 10.5.8.