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    Yeah, I was having a panic attack last night when the DVR didn't show up and therefore no files. But as soon as I clicked on the Finder "network" icon, and my Airport showed in the Finder window, the DVR immediately appeared. My guess is that it just takes a while to find the WiFi hub and then locate the DVR on the network. Feeling more confident now
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    Beta 4 Posted

    I can't see any difference between the original TiVo Transfer, and any of the Beta versions 1 thru 4! I am using Toast 10.0.2 with my Unibody MacBook Pro and OS X 10.6.1 and TiVo Series 2. The window opens, but NOTHING is listed under "TIVO DVRs" .... wait, wait, while trying to capture the console message for troubleshooting the reason why it wasn't working, after about a minute or two the DVR and files did eventually appear. Hopefully it is faster the next time, but at least it works - Beta 4