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    Ripping a DVD for editing

    It's been a long time since I did any video editng of my home movies and I'm drawing a blank on how to accomplish what I am trying to do. I have a couple home movie DVDs that I would like to make some edits to. I want to rip the DVD, make some changes to the videos and then reburn on a new disc. I don't want to ahve to completely redo the DVD from scratch if i don't have to. I am using Roxio Creator NXT Version 14.0. Thanks, John
  2. disfanjt

    Ripping a DVD for editing

    Here is a pic of the About for my software showing it is version 14. I tried the solution you gave me. Here is what happened. When I try to add the .vob file in Videowave using Production>Add Photo/Video..., it opens the Insert photos/videos dialogue, when I pick the .VOB I want to edit I get a popup box titled Import Movies from VOB. It says "Please select the movies you want to import", but the selection area is blank, there are no movies to select. What am I missing? Thanks, John