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  1. Uploading still photos and music no problem - but if you're ready to upload videos - in the correct file extension as it instructs you to do - FAIL. Also freezes - I used to be able to save my slidshows to DVD - no more! Now an MP4 is only offered. I contacted Corel technical support and this my friends, is the response I received. I will most likely be requesting a full refund. I NEED a decent slideshow program that can incorporate BOTH stills and video - and not take hours to make a lousy MP4 - I want DVD capability. It's the year 2012 - going on 13 - for Roxio/Corel to advertise this product as so wonderful - I feel the marketing department must have serious flaws. This to me, is false advertsing. Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support. As a consumer i understand your point-of-view, in all honesty we havent received any word from the higher ups on when our Photoshow services will be up and running. Like you, i'm in this waiting game as well, i wanted Photoshow to work as much as you do because i use it personally. I dont want to give you answers which i cant back up and all i can give you now is mere honesty that its not yet working and i cant give you a definite time frame. If you really want to process the refund you can get in touch with our customer care: 1-877-582-6735 Thank you for your utter patience and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. Kind Regards, Jonathan Corel Customer Support Services
  2. Wolfzone

    Roxio Creator 2012 And Photoshow Premium

    Thanks much to both of you (and for deleting my email addy) Will now renew Photoshow Premium account - and also purchase Roxio Creator 2012. I've used the VideoWave feature/program in my earlier version of Creator but do prefer Photoshow. From what I've read, the Creator 2012 has many features I will surely enjoy. Thanks again. Helpful site and discussion.
  3. Wolfzone

    Roxio Creator 2012 And Photoshow Premium

    Meant to add - my new email address is XXXXXXX- not att.net but I can't seem to input the new email - the online form keeps kicking me out. Deleted to get rid of the e-mail address.
  4. I was a Photoshow Premium member and created quite a few shows - all of which appear to still be on the Photoshow Premium site - however my membership has recently expired. I'm considering purchasing Roxio Creator 2012 (although I've read many negatives about it) I've been using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 and it's been a very good program to do many things. Does Roxio Creator 2012 have Photoshow installed within its many programs? If so, why would I need to renew my membership with Photoshow Premium? Hope I've been clear and I do greatly appreciate advise/feedback. Thank you.
  5. Wolfzone

    Slideshow Creator For Both .jpg & .mov's?

    A typo - meant to say "Creator 2012"
  6. Wolfzone

    Slideshow Creator For Both .jpg & .mov's?

    Thanks all for the feedback and "Costco Cautions" I have been told however that Creator 2010 - even with a Quicktime update - and I do have the latest version of Quicktime - will NOT accept .MOV files over 10 seconds. My .MOV files - most of them - are between 30 and 2 minutes. This may or may not be true - hence my post. Thank you.
  7. Wolfzone

    Slideshow Creator For Both .jpg & .mov's?

    Thank you - MUCH. Will be purchasing Creator 2012 soon - Costco had it for a good price. Look forward to using it although to be frank, have read mixed reviews on it but hey, with Costco - returns - if not fully satisfied - are always a breeze.
  8. I need to create a project for my work using both my .jpeg or .jpg and .MOV files. I currently have Roxio Creator 7 which does a great job burning my files to DVD-R or CD (that's mainly what I use it for) If I buy Creator 2012 - will it be able to create a slideshow using both - I've tried it with Creator 7 and - no go with the .MOV files? When I convert the .MOV files to different formats - well gang, if I may say so - crappy image/video quality. Am I dreaming for such a software program or??? Feedback greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Wolfzone

    Video Uploads

    I am a Photoshow 6 Premium member and am trying to create a slideshow with both my .jpgs and videos - which are >MOV files - unfortunately, I discovered that I cannot upload anything higher size-wise than a 50 MB (many of my vid files are approximately 45 - 1 minute long) Does Roxio make a slideshow software that is capable of more than 50 MB uploads? I would be willing to invest in such an animal, being that I am a freelance photographer and also enjoy vid clips (I use a Panasonic Lumix digital most of the time) I also discovered that the vid clips I inserted which are under 50 MB - there was a long "pause" or "hesitation" between one clip and the next : ( Thank you for feedback.
  10. meant to add my new email - electrala@cox.net THANX all
  11. I created a DVD - a total of 62 photos and 2 MP3's and it previewed just fine - no problem. Then I attempt to create a DVD - clicked on the option "PhotoShow DVD" (I believe that is the option) and receive - after about an hour along the lines of "attempt to burn unsuccessful") I call Roxio support YESTERDAY - tech support and a man told me to try saving it as a .wma first - as a video - rather than use the "Photoshow DVD" option and then to create a DVd using an outside program - (So why did I buy this Photoshow program???) I did so and it worked fine - I could view it on my computer - but NOT on my DVD player I call today and the same man that helped me yesterday answers - I tell him I need a stage 2 technical support rep - I'm committed to making a DVD to be shown at a family wedding - he tells me - after a long hold - that I should receive a call-back tonight - that he has to fill out a form first and that it usually takes 24-48 hrs - CAN'T wait guy, NEED advice NOW. I feel it is important to add our DVD writer/player works fine - we are able to play all other software on it - not a writer issue. Can anyone FRICKIN help??? MUCH appreciated. If Photoshow tech support won't offer me a solution - I'm posting my frustrating experience on FB and YELP and NOT re-newing my membership in October.