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    Tivo Transfer Speeds

    It presently takes me around 10 to 12 hours to transfer a 2 hours program from my Tivo to my computer. THis seems somewhat excessive, to say the least. Under Toast 8, it usually took around 2 hours to transfer a 2 hours program. Is anyone else's this slow???? If not, what are suggestions that I can try to speed it up to a reasonable time. (My wireless internet speed is quite good, so it's not that.) Any suggestions? Thanks, Nancy
  2. nhoward5040

    where is tivo transfer beta4 download?

    I found it. Nancy
  3. I just upgraded to Snow Leopard, and purchased Toast 10 so I could download my Tivo programs. Of course, it wasn't until I installed Toast 10, that I found out that TivoTransfer doesn't work. (It doesn't launch.) I immediately came to this forum and saw that TivoTransfer Beta4 is available, but I can't seem to find it to download. I followed the link to download the latest update to Toast 10 (which I also did right after installing the program) and found no Tivo transfer in the folder. Thinking that something had gone wrong with the download, I downloaded the whole update for Toast 10 again. Still no Tivo Transfer is in the folder . (Toast 10.0.2 (539), streamer, discCatalogueMaker RE, CD Spin Doctor, disc Cover 2 RE, Get Backup 2 RE, and Mac2Tivo are there.) I have put in a search for the download and not found it. Why is there no TivoTransfer in the download folder? What am I missing - where can I get the TivoTransfer Beta4? Thanks Nancy